Ben Kirk Benjamin

Ben Kirk Benjamin

Ben Kirk is a mechanical engineer turned attorney specializing in intellectual property law. He provides services such as patent prosecution, freedom to operate investigations, and litigation support to his clients.

Kirk asserts in The College Scam that higher education is an illegal exploitation of students by leftist professors who advocate the “Greek, Roman, and Judeo-Christian foundations of Western civilization.” Yet most of Kirk’s arguments lack analytical or empirical rigor.

Early Life and Education

Kirk’s Burkean conservatism was founded on tradition, political philosophy, belles lettres and strong religious faith rather than libertarianism or free market economic reasoning. He preferred constitutional government with states enjoying autonomy over local matters while acknowledging innovation should tie into existing traditions and customs to add social value.

He was an accomplished concert and studio singer, pianist and composer. He led the Cecilian Singers, performed as guest conductor with Estonian National Male Choir tours, and guest conducted National Forum of Music Chorus performances.

As a hobby, he enjoys writing, public speaking and reading a good book in his free time. Additionally, he’s an avid chess player and finds joy in laughing out loud! Based in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two sons.

Professional Career

He has extensive experience as a cinematographer on feature films, television series and shorts as well as serving as director of photography on numerous music videos and commercials. He recently premiered his feature film Watcher at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Walker has appeared on Broadway in numerous productions including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Revival and Lady Windermere’s Fan: Lincoln Center Theater Workshop Production. Additionally, he appeared as Brick in NBC television production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson as well as multiple performances of Les Liaisons Dangereuses musical.

Due to his poor postseason record, Cousins has come in for widespread criticism over his impressive career statistics. This ranking reflects this criticism; when listed among top quarterbacks despite an underwhelming playoff resume.

Achievement and Honors

Kirk boasts an impressive academic resume. His research into mechanisms preventing autophagosome development and muscle waste resulted in three publications from scientific journals, while he presented at four national conferences. Kirk also volunteers his services through programs such as LINK Crew mentoring program, Youth Activation Committee, Turkey Trot and PB&J Drives.

Kirk’s academic and community work aside, Kirk is also an accomplished author of genre fiction. His ghost stories have been anthologized alongside those by Sheridan Le Fanu, M. R. James, Oliver Onions and others.

Lewiston-Porter High School students Sophie Auer and Anna Solar were also nominated, each receiving a $2,500 scholarship award. Megan Pinzel from Grand Island High School; Natalie Killion from Lockport High School; Katelyna Reygers from Niagara Falls High School; and Emily Zander of North Tonawanda High School were among other nominees for this prestigious honor.

Personal Life

Kirk Benjamin was an enthusiastic sports fan in his personal life and particularly fond of supporting Gremio and Manchester United. Additionally, he appreciated stand-up comedy from Doug Stanhope and novels by Hermann Hesse; in fact he could often be found reading in his hammock on his front porch!

He had an undying passion for travel and had visited over forty different countries worldwide. Additionally, he took great joy in spending time with family and friends – especially his children.

Benjamin Kirk has made appearances on television and radio programs, is frequently invited as a speaker at academic and corporate institutions, has published books, and received multiple awards including four Peabodys and two George Polks.

Net Worth

As of June 30, 2020, Kirk Benjamin was worth $8 Million, down from being worth $10 Million last year. This decrease can be partially attributed to Sumner Redstone, who was worth an estimated $3 Billion when he passed away in August.

He was the controlling shareholder for CBS and Viacom before their merger in December 2019. Additionally, he completed one insider trading transaction in PepsiCo Inc.

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