Ben Edmondson

Ben Edmondson, Ypsilanti Community Schools Superintendent

Romulus Community Schools recently made waves when they brought back Superintendent Benjamin Edmondson for another term as part of an unprecedented move, voting to hire him back on Monday night by their board. Many saw this move as unprecedented.

Essex County records verified his will in 1726. Interestingly, Wm Finney died in Amelia County VA three decades later in 1759.

Early Life and Education

Ben Edmondson demonstrates incredible energy. He enjoys driving sports cars, bass fishing all night long and serving his community. Additionally, he cherishes time spent with family and Boy Scout activities.

He adheres to his core values and believes they are central to successful education. He hopes his successor will uphold the high standards he’s established while taking risks responsibly while being active within their community.

William Edmondson is a self-taught American sculptor who has received little in-depth recognition in the art world until now. At the Barnes Museum’s first East Coast exhibition dedicated to him, which includes over 60 works he created himself, this exhibition offers visitors a rare look into his monumental and singular vision.

Professional Career

Benjamin Edmondson is leading Ypsilanti Community Schools’ transformation. He’s infusing energy, new programs, and an exciting perspective into his work; yet one of his biggest obstacles has been getting up early enough each morning to meet this task.

Unexpected yet bold, many have acknowledged it could set the precedent for future district initiatives.

James and Suzanne Edmondson have given numerous interviews since their daughter’s arrest. Most interviews were conducted from their home in Ann Arbor; however, they have also visited her at Tangipahoa Parish Prison in Amite, Louisiana where she is being detained and met with her attorney there. Since their daughter has been imprisoned three to four times this month alone, James and Suzanne Edmondson have visited her three to four times with staying overnight at hotels to visit.

Achievement and Honors

Edmondson became one of America’s foremost self-taught artists despite lacking formal training. His tombstones, birdbaths and sculptures graced Black cemeteries with dignity.

His work was well received both within the community and among white collectors who purchased numerous pieces for their homes. Today, his art is valued at over $20 Million.

Edmondson is the heir apparent of his parents’ estate, comprising over 200 acres and multiple structures. Additionally, he is an accomplished artist and author; his latest book entitled “Edmondson: A Life of Beauty and Faith” will be released in 2022 and details his professional and personal tragedies as well as experiences with racism within Michigan’s education system. In response, he filed a lawsuit against Romulus school board alleging violations of Michigan whistleblower protection and antidiscrimination laws.

Personal Life

Edmondson brings an energy that would be appropriate for a teenager running for prom king than as superintendent of one of Michigan’s lowest performing school districts. However, he remains determined to change things, with community at its center as his goal.

He’s already making waves with initiatives like Man Up or Kid Down, pairing community mentors with teenage boys in order to steer them away from gangs and other issues. Additionally, he’s asking men in his community to donate suit jackets so student athletes can wear them on game day.

He finds his work most fulfilling when there’s work to be done, which makes Ypsilanti an ideal location. Even after filing a lawsuit and being put on leave, he feels drawn back into service despite all odds.

Net Worth

He has amassed an ample fortune through his successful careers as an actor, comedian, television presenter and writer; in addition he earns money from music work as well.

He has managed to remain free from controversy or scandal throughout his career and maintain an upstanding image. He lives a peaceful and modest lifestyle and prefers staying out of the spotlight.

He became part of the early 1980s alternative comedy boom through his longtime partnership with Rik Mayall on shows such as The Young Ones and Bottom. Additionally, he has appeared in other TV shows and movies and written plays such as Gasping, Popcorn, and Blind Faith.

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