Ben Billingsley

Ben Billingsley Resigns As Jackson’s Finance Director

Ben Billingsley left his position as Finance Director for the city in January after 18 months on the job and an impressive work history.

Melinda Dillon, best known for playing Mother Parker in A Christmas Story and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Absence of Malice films respectively, has passed away at 83.

Early Life and Education

Billingsley is both a sculptor and an art educator. Since 2001, he has taught studio art full time at Cape Fear Community College. His artwork has been shown both within the United States and Latvia; additionally he co-directed a printmaking symposium held by Pedvale Open-Air Museum in Sabile Latvia where participants carved and printed large-scale woodblocks.

He first made an appearance on Prison Break’s first season as Terrence Steadman, whose death was staged to frame Lincoln Burrows. Additionally, he has made guest appearances on both CSI and the spinoff series CSI: NY.

Billingsley hails from Mississippi and trained at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Currently a categorical intern with their internal medicine residency program, his artwork has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the U.S.

Professional Career

He has taught printmaking at university level since 1995 and exhibited throughout Southeast and internationally. In 2015 he directed a woodblock printmaking symposium at Latvia’s Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum before beginning full time teaching at Cape Fear Community College since 2001.

Billingsley has published several works of sociology, most notably Black Families in White America (a seminal work). Additionally, he continues his research and publications related to African American families as well as teaching at the University of South Carolina.

His TV appearances include an appearance in Eli Stone in 2008 that brought back Enterprise co-star Molly Hagan as well as guest starring roles on Intelligence (2014) as a doctor who implants an artificial neural enhancement chip into its protagonist.

Achievement and Honors

As a high schooler, she worked on her school newspaper as both copy editor and section editor, joined the varsity swim team, was actively involved with DECA, Student Council and Link Crew organizations as well as being on DECA’s National Student Advisory Council (NASAC).

At the Jan. 11 Board meeting, Madelyn Sopher was honored as one of four students recognized by their principals for outstanding achievements in academic achievement, career readiness and personal responsibility. Kevin Mejia-Trochez of J.P. Ryon Elementary School; Jurniah Young from William A. Diggs Elementary School and Madelyn Sopher from General Smallwood Middle School/Thomas Stone High School were the other honorees.

Billingsley has been honored with two biennial awards presented by the Institute for Families in Society to faculty and community leaders who embody his scholarship on African American families. These awards honor those who embody Dr. Billingsley’s focus.

Personal Life

Billingsley, an internal medicine specialist with over two decades of practice experience in Jackson, boasts an impressive resume. Additionally, his artistic interests run wide; he has served as executive producer in multiple productions.

He returned to his iconic role of Ralphie in HBO Max’s A Christmas Story Christmas 33 years after its initial release. Additionally, many cast members from 1983 movie reprised their parts.

He possesses a passion for painting and has collaborated with local artist E. Francisca Dekker on an exhibit entitled Contrast at MC Erny Gallery during fourth Friday Gallery Nights. Their artwork differs in many ways including gender and culture differences.

Net Worth

Billingsley has worked behind-the-scenes on many films as an assistant director or producer and amassed quite an impressive fortune over time – owning multiple homes and collecting cars.

Reeve is best-known for his role as Ralphie in the 1983 classic film A Christmas Story and has continued working in Hollywood ever since he first entered as a child actor.

He tends to keep a low profile when it comes to sharing details of his personal life, although reports indicate he may have a wife and children living in California as well as being very fond of listening to musicians such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX.

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