Bella Hadid Marc Jacobs Heaven

Bella Hadid Stars in Marc Jacobs’ Heaven Collection

Marc Jacobs has selected Bella Hadid to star in its latest teen dream fashion line, Heaven. The 24-year-old fresh-faced beauty looks stunning as she poses for the ads with her perfectly fit figure flaunted in a short dress from the collection.

Marc Jacob’s latest “teen dream” fashion line has made waves and earned widespread praise. Called the “Heaven” collection, it pays homage to the 90s teen dream culture that emerged from Bleecker Street and 11th Street.

Dreamscapes is a fantasy world of subcultures that links teen dreams to youth culture and offers plenty of chic options like artsy prints and minimal silhouettes. The collection’s ad campaign, which also features Sofia Coppola’s daughter Romy Croquet, has gained widespread social media recognition.

In 2020, the brand debuted its ‘teen dream’ line and counted Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner among its fans. The ready-to-wear and accessories feature a blend of ’90s trends with a “polysexual” aesthetic.

Jacobs has always drawn inspiration from ’90s fashion, and its influence can be seen in his most recent collections. In 2020, Jacobs returned to Heaven, his secondary line that taps into both nostalgic aesthetics and millennial dreams alike – another testament to the creative’s ability to connect the two worlds together.

He was able to craft a contemporary aesthetic that appealed to both teens and adults. Drawing inspiration from everything from hippie culture, ’90s grunge culture, and the fashion industry alike, his designs became staples in many stores around town.

Jacobs’ fashion can often be compared to more well-known names in the industry, like Gucci. However, his collections are always unique and unmatched – as evidenced by his recent ’60s mod line for Spring 2022 and polysexual Heaven collection in 2020.

He’s even brought back the iconic snapshot bag, which first debuted in 2018 and remains a mainstay at Marc Jacobs stores today. This is an indication that Jacobs is back as an influential designer.

Bella Hadid is one of the hottest models around and she’s always been a fan of Jacobs. She’s graced his runway multiple times, wearing his designs in numerous fashion campaigns.

She has recently posed for some of Marc Jacobs’ latest ads, demonstrating her enthusiasm and devotion to the label. Her most recent ad with Marc Jacobs displays just as much enthusiasm about her role as for the clothes she wears.

It’s easy to see why she’s such a fan of Jacobs; her work is impeccable and she makes an ideal model for the brand. However, despite her success with Jacobs products, there are several things that could have made this collection better.

The first issue to address is that the photographs aren’t as appealing as they could be and the clothing appears uninteresting. It’s unfortunate Marc Jacobs doesn’t use its resources more effectively to produce more interesting work instead of using celebrities and other high-profile individuals as models.

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