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Neurosurgeon – Bartolome Oliver

Bartolome oliver is one of the best-known surgeons in Spain, known for his skull base surgeries, brain tumor operations and spinal procedures.

He is also a pioneer in minimally invasive surgery.

He has over 150 publications and 350 reports at international medical conferences.

Early Life and Education

Neurological diseases often manifest themselves with symptoms that include difficulty moving, speaking, learning, swallowing and breathing. Such difficulties can have an immense effect on quality of life; thus it’s essential that they’re treated promptly if you experience them. If this applies to you, visit a neurosurgeon as soon as possible for treatment options.

Bartolome Oliver is one of Spain’s foremost experts in neurosurgery. With more than four decades of experience and specialising in brain tumor removal, skull base surgery, epilepsy treatment, as well as publishing over 150 articles and 350 reports at international medical conferences as well as lecturing universities throughout Europe, Asia and America. Oliver also founded Oliver & Ayats Institute in Barcelona which conducts precise spine surgeries using robotic guidance technology.

Professional Career

Bartolome Oliver, one of Spain’s renowned neurosurgeons, boasts more than four decades of experience in his field and specializes in spine and brain tumor surgeries as well as microsurgical operations through small incisions. Furthermore, he uses apparatuses of non-invasive radiosurgery like CyberKnife and Novalis.

He earned his medical degree at the University of Barcelona and began residency training at Madrid’s National Neurosurgery Department. Following this he undertook additional specialized training at hospitals in Stockholm (Sweden), Zurich (Switzerland), Montreal, St Louis and Pittsburgh (USA).

Since 1994, Dr. Kavukcu has served as Coordinator of Neurosurgery and member of Teknon Medical Center’s Optional Body. Since that time he has published over 150 articles and delivered 350 presentations at international congresses.

Achievement and Honors

Bartolome Oliver is one of Spain’s premier neurosurgeons and serves as head of Teknon Clinic’s neuroscience department and co-director of Oliver-Ayats Institute. As an expert in skull and spinal surgery using minimally invasive techniques and robotic technology, as well as co-directing Pituitary Adenoma Center. Furthermore, he has extensive experience treating brain tumors (microsurgery/awake craniotomies).

He is an expert on surgical techniques for epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, having pioneered transnasal endoscopic nose surgery with reduced trauma that has earned numerous scientific publications as well as 250 communications at national and international congresses – becoming one of the first doctors ever to use this technique! Additionally, his experience includes lumbar spine surgery for herniated discs as well as dynamic stabilization techniques.

Personal Life

Bartolome Oliver Abadal is an esteemed Spanish physician known for his expertise in neurosurgical treatments. Known for performing microsurgeries and non-invasive radiosurgery operations, he earned his doctorate at University of Barcelona before serving his residency training at Madrid’s National Neurosurgery Service before going on to complete specialized studies in Stockholm (Sweden), Zurich (Switzerland), Montreal and St Louis USA; ultimately becoming co-Director of Teknon Clinic’s Neurosurgical Department.

He is widely known for his surgical skills at the base of the skull as well as brain tumour removal, spinal surgery and OCD procedures. A pioneer of robotic technology as an innovative minimally invasive technique, Dr. Kistler also offers consultations remotely; patients can book appointments using Bookimed website.

Net Worth

Bartolome Oliver is an esteemed neurosurgeon from Spain and leads the Neurosurgical department at Teknon clinic. Since 1979, he has performed microsurgical operations through small incisions using a microscope; additionally he utilizes apparatuses of non-invasive radiosurgery.

Neurosurgeons are among the highest-paid doctors worldwide, earning anywhere from $200,000 to over $3 Million per year in salary. Specialty neurosurgeons in cranial and vascular work tend to make the most money per year while spine surgeons usually earn the least.

Though physicians typically earn high salaries, most have only modest net worths despite earning high salaries. There are, however, a select few who have managed to build massive wealth through businesses and investments; among these are some of the wealthiest doctors such as Patrick Soon Shiong (worth close to $12 billion).

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