Barrier Trio Mother 3

Mother 3 – The Barrier Trio

The Barrier Trio is a purple golem like creature that guards the Tanetane Island Needle. Thankfully, the trio isn’t the only thing protecting the needle, as the Pigmask army have been preemptively placing red carpets along the way. In addition to being formidable foes, the trio are also one of the most difficult opponents in the game to blitz, especially in a party with no dedicated healer. Regardless, the trio is the game’s most fun to play, if you have a plan.

The Masked Man is a member of the Pigmasks and has been threatening Lucas and his friends for the majority of their journey. As a member of the pigs, he is able to use his horde of pigmasks to inflict a number of PSI attacks, some of which aren’t for the faint of heart. He has also been known to make short work of enemies with lightning and thunder, making the task of evading him a daunting prospect.

Using a tangle of cables to simulate the illusion of a teleportation tunnel is not only a clever move, but is also a great way to test the abilities of your teleportation device. This enables you to take on the barrier trio with relative ease. It is also an ideal time to get the ball rolling on a number of the other Pigmasks. While a number of teleportation devices have been introduced in the game, the Barrier Trio is one of the few remaining, which makes it an essential component to your survival.

The Barrier Trio is a very impressive beast, especially when paired with its kinks. In addition to being a formidable opponent, they also have a plethora of perks. Among them is the aforementioned teleportation tunnel, but the best thing about the barrier trio is that they don’t have any real weaknesses. Their HP is enough to stand up to a number of pranks, so it’s a good idea to have an emergency back-up in case you’re in the middle of a heist. They may be the aforementioned pranksters of the party, but they’re a formidable obstacle. For instance, the barrier is able to protect the party from the swarm, but if you’re not careful, it will do the same to you. However, this is not the only challenge the trio will present to you, and the aforementioned tangle of cables may just be the last straw.

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