Barbara McQuade Net Worth

Barbara McQuade Net Worth – How Much Is Barbara McQuade Worth?

Barbara McQuade is an esteemed legal counselor renowned for her tireless and daring approach to her profession, making her captivating in TV shows where she regularly appears.

She is married to Dan Hurley, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Detroit who joined his office in 1992 with extensive litigation experience and has four children together – having been together for more than 30 years! The couple has four kids between them.

Early Life and Education

Barbara McQuade was born in Detroit, Michigan on 22 December 1964 and stands at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters). Currently she is 59 years old.

At the University of Michigan, she earned both a bachelor’s degree and her law degree.

As part of her legal career, she has assisted in prosecuting cases related to public corruption, terrorism, bank fraud, theft of trade secrets and civil rights violations. Additionally, she serves as a legal analyst for MSNBC and NBC News.

Dan Hurley works as an Assistant US Attorney in Detroit, Michigan and joined their office in 1992. Since then he has amassed extensive litigation experience handling civil, criminal, and appellate proceedings.

Professional Career

Barbara McQuade has had an illustrious legal career. Beginning as US Attorney for Michigan’s Eastern District in 2010 until 2017, she served until 2017. Since 2017 she has also served as legal analyst on MSNBC and NBC News.

As an attorney, she managed to prosecute several high-profile cases, such as the conviction of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on corruption charges and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on terror and bombing charges.

She has been actively engaged in her community and actively worked on violence reduction strategies and partnerships. Additionally, she founded Detroit One as a program aiming to boost Detroit’s economy by decreasing crime and creating employment. McQuade lives with her partner Dan Hurley who serves as Assistant US Attorney.

Achievement and Honors

She served as federal prosecutor in Michigan’s Eastern District for nearly three years and oversaw some of its most significant cases, securing convictions against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for public corruption, an Al-Qaeda terrorist who attempted to bomb a plane flying into Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, Volkswagen for falsifying emission testing results and Takata Corporation for hiding defective airbags.

She currently appears as a regular contributor on MSNBC and also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan law school. Additionally, she is married to Dan Hurley who possesses extensive litigation experience having handled appellate, criminal and civil proceedings during his time working for the U.S. attorney.

This couple have four beautiful children whose names remain private. Both appear content with one another and appear not to have experienced any issues or difficulties within their relationship.

Personal Life

Barbara McQuade was born December 22nd 1964 in Detroit Michigan USA to proud parents. Since she has achieved great success as an American lawyer and legal analyst on MSNBC she prefers to keep her personal life out of the limelight in order to protect her family from media scrutiny.

She is currently married to Dan Hurley, an Assistant U.S Attorney in Michigan’s Eastern District since 1992 who boasts an extensive litigation background encompassing civil, criminal, and appellate prosecution matters including those concerning police brutality and hate crimes.

She remains committed to fitness despite her busy schedule and serves as an example for other women attempting to achieve their dreams in life. She serves as an inspirational figure.

Net Worth

Barbara McQuade is an American lawyer who has amassed considerable wealth through her legal career. Specializing in legal matters and fiercely protecting those she stands up for, Barbara served as United States Attorney in Eastern Michigan for more than seven years before leaving due to President Donald Trump’s dismissal of U.S. attorneys.

She currently teaches criminal and national security law at University of Michigan Law School and contributes as a legal analyst on both NBC News and MSNBC.

She is married to Dan Hurley, an Assistant U.S. Attorney from Detroit, Michigan, and they share four children together. In spite of a busy lifestyle and motherhood responsibilities, she maintains a healthy lifestyle with effective weight loss plans in place – standing at 5’11”. She boasts ideal height measurements.

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