Bar Rescue Jack’s Place Update

Bar Rescue – Jack’s Place Update

Bar Rescue is a television show on Spike. It is a reality program that features bar owners who are in need of help. The concept involves the expert host renovating a struggling bar. In Season 5 of Bar Rescue, Jack’s Place was featured.

This bar was built in the 1970s by a man named Jack. After being sold to Corinne Vaughn, the bar started going downhill. She was a softy and let her staff get away with a lot. But she also treated them like children.

Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue, went to Jack’s Place to see what was going on. When he arrived, the bar looked in dire shape. Customers complained of poor service and the menu was hard to come by. A local bartender was seen stealing cups and the place was a mess.

On the flip side, there was an award-winning mixologist at the bar, Mia Mastriani. Taffer was impressed by her skills and trained her and the rest of the staff.

The interior of the Regan Lounge is one of the most beautiful on the east side of Las Vegas. However, after a fire broke out in the lounge, the owner had to shut the bar down. Workers have been re-doing the 39-46 Skillman Avenue establishment since Wednesday.

Taffer and his team did their best to make the place better. They renamed the bar Das Brauhaus. The bar’s new look and theme reminded them of their own rescue of The Underworld.

John, the bar’s bartender, was criticized for his bad behavior and mouthing off to authority. In a later meeting with Corinne, he apologizes for his actions. He says he’ll change his behavior if she acts as a boss.

Another issue was the fact that the bar was in debt. The owners were $500,000 in debt. There was dry rot beneath the grounds, and the staff were informed. Some of the staff were sent off-site for off-site training. During the stress test, 400 people came.

John’s wife, Dalia, was there to defend him. She said he was just trying to do the right thing.

Jon Taffer is also a hypocrite. His boob-flashing, and his shaming of his wife Nicole for not doing recon, were both wrong. For a while, he was even accused of being a sexual offender.

Luckily, John eventually made amends and apologized for his behaviour. But Jon was not impressed. He wanted to see her act like a boss, and was disappointed that she would not.

The other episode, Mother Doesn’t Know Best, is about Corinne’s situation. She has been running the bar for ten years and has never paid herself. Her son Travis has also been working at the bar. While he is a good employee, he is still bitter about not being the next person to take over the business.

Other episodes include Kid Chilleen’s Badass BBQ, where a horse is spotted at the bar. The bar’s theme was revealed when a voiceover said something about the new bar’s target market.

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