Baltimore Jack

Baltimore Jack

On a scorching July day 47 years ago, the Playboy jet arrived from Baltimore Zoo with three miniskirt-wearing flight attendants to transport Baltimore Jack from there to Phoenix and ultimately his final journey.

Leonard Adam Tarlin was known as Baltimore Jack. A gruff individual with an extensive knowledge of history, he completed eight Appalachian Trail thru-hikes before passing away at Angel Medical Center in Franklin, North Carolina.

Early Life and Education

Jack Bassam Barakat hails from Lebanon and was raised in Baltimore, Maryland with two brothers and one sister; all currently reside nearby. After attending Amherst College and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles he served as North American trustee of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition as well as hosting multiple youth seminars.

This story epitomized what made newspapering so enjoyable in an earlier era when newspapers such as The Sun featured correspondents around the globe and an impressive Washington bureau with several dozen staffers — not to mention, an on-staff reporter assigned solely to cover zoo events like this one. A $5,000 agreement between Baltimore and Phoenix stipulated that should a gorilla give birth, one offspring would be sent back home.

He taught at colleges and universities, was an author, and worked in several business capacities throughout his lifetime.

Professional Career

Jack worked as a professional writer throughout his life and contributed numerous articles to ATJourneys. His wordcraft and storytelling skills were unparalleled.

Reeve has appeared in over one hundred episodic television shows such as M*A*S*H, China Beach, Roseanne, Thirtysomething and Northern Exposure. Additionally, he has played roles in various films as well as lending his voice for over 3000 movies/television shows.

At one point he was also responsible for the Baltimore Skipjacks, an AFL affiliate of both Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals that won three AFC championships during his time leading them. Furthermore, he’s an adept improvisational actor having performed with Boston’s seminal improv group “The Proposition”. Here he earned himself recognition as one of the city’s premier writers.

Achievement and Honors

Jack achieved many outstanding professional accomplishments. He played an essential role in expanding Johns Hopkins University Press from a small publishing operation into one of the world’s premier university presses, publishing programs in fields as diverse as European history, classical studies, political science and literary theory – helping to grow it from six journals published during his retirement period of 1995 – up to 46 by 1995!

Jack had an exceptional heart for working closely with at-risk youth. He served on the Board of Greater Homewood Community Corporation (GHCC) as well as mentoring former Baraka School alumni through Lake Clifton High’s Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) Mentor/Facilitator role and volunteering his services with EOP at other City schools over time.

Personal Life

Jack found immense satisfaction in hiking the Appalachian Trail; its community provided something that was missing in his birth life: acceptance. Members of this hiking community welcomed and accepted him just as he was; each year like a kid at Christmas he eagerly anticipated springtime and the start of his hike.

He dedicated much of his life to volunteering, especially helping novice thru-hikers and writing prolifically.

He and David would often fight over who would send him bottles at his hostels – an old married couple in effect! He became legendary along the trail.

Net Worth

He is best known as one of the co-founders and lead guitarists of All Time Low band, where his breathtaking guitar skills have charmed audiences across the world. Furthermore, he is also an award-winning songwriter and producer.

Jack currently works at Brown Advisory as both a partner and senior advisor on its private client team. With more than 15 years of investment management and wealth consulting experience under his belt, including work at Paul McCoy Family Office Services where he provided operational and financial strategies to ultra-high net worth clients, Jack brings an expertise that sets Brown Advisory apart.

He is an influential social media figure who uses his platforms to raise awareness about mental health issues and advocate for change. Open about his struggles with anxiety and depression, he uses these platforms to urge others to seek help and encourages them to reach out for assistance themselves.

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