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Ball Greezy Age, Net Worth and Biography

Ball Greezy is an American rapper with a net worth of $500.000 and is best known for pushing the limits of Rap music, achieving significant success within his industry.

He grew up in a musical family and learned drums at an early age. Additionally, he is also an accomplished singer/songwriter.

Early Life and Education

Born Kinta Cox, Ball Greezy grew up in Overtown and Lil Haiti neighborhoods of Philadelphia with Austin and Mina as his parents; Austin played guitar while his older brother also made music.

He masterfully executed live performances of rap hip-hop genre, earning himself nomination for BET award nomination and becoming renowned for his catchy melodies and clever lyrics.

The rapper prefers to keep his personal life private, so he has not provided information regarding his relationship status or whether he is currently single. Although not confirmed, he may or may not have children at present. Additionally, he strives to avoid controversy or scandal that might tarnish his reputation, while supporting various charitable initiatives and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Professional Career

Ball Greezy has worked tirelessly to build himself up within the music industry. Through his music he has reached out to various people, inspiring and motivating them with its message. Additionally, his platform has enabled him to raise awareness about issues like HIV/AIDS while providing aid for those in need.

His music can be found across platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud; record labels he works with include Go Star Music Group, EMPIRE Records and Iconz Music.

Ball Greezy was born January 1st 1986 and is widely recognized for his seductive yet soulful music. He has worked with many prominent artists over time and remains popular with his many fans. Hailing from Miami – Overtown and Lil Haiti neighborhoods to be exact – Ball Greezy quickly rose through the ranks to become a rapper with great fan support.

Achievement and Honors

Ball Greezy has achieved considerable success in the music industry. He boasts many hits to his credit, most notably Shone. Additionally, he has released several full-length albums and appeared as a featured performer on 2009 Mista Mac single “Drop That”, alongside Flo Rida and Brisco.

He has taken part in several music tours and is an active philanthropist, contributing to various causes – donating money to COVID-19 relief fund and working to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS.

At the same time as his musical endeavours, he has also explored business. He launched both a clothing line and record label. Furthermore, he is an active social media user who regularly shares content across these platforms.

Personal Life

Ball Greezy, known for his catchy songs with vibrant energy, is an accomplished rapper from Miami who has garnered critical acclaim. His songs have attracted the likes of hip-hop heavyweights Rick Ross and Flo Rida as collaborators.

He has also taken part in various charitable projects. Most notably, in 2019 he established the Ball Greezy Foundation which seeks to provide educational opportunities and healthcare for Kenyan children. Furthermore, he donated money towards combatting COVID-19 pandemic as well as raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Ball Greezy is currently unattached; however, there have been reports of dating rumors on social media platforms like Twitter. He has not made an official statement regarding these speculations but has worked hard since childhood to become successful in music industry – there is no doubt he will continue thriving as time progresses.

Net Worth

Ball Greezy, hailing from Miami, Florida has found great success as a rapper through his projects 305 and Shone as well as Bae Day and Feel My Pain part 1 and 2. Additionally, he has collaborated with some well-known artists in his field.

As an artist with the goal of making a difference in the world, he works closely with organizations to bring awareness of important issues – like fighting COVID-19 pandemic or raising funds for HIV/AIDS awareness in Kenya.

He is widely respected for his sensuous and soulful songs, having collaborated with artists like Rick Ross and Flo Rida. His influence can be felt across hip hop music culture.

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