Bald Pregnant James Charles

James Charles Goes Bald

James Charles, the self proclaimed “pregnancy guru” has been making a lot of buzz lately. With a slew of viral videos, he’s made his way to the front page of YouTube and Twitter. While he might be getting the ire of some viewers, others have stepped up to the plate to defend him.

As the name suggests, James Charles has been on the prowl for the past few weeks, doing his share of challenges and juggling the latest in technology. One of his most recent stunts was a bit of a gimmick, as he shaved his head and went bald. It’s not a major prank, but it has generated some buzz on social media and on his YouTube channel. Amongst the buzz is his latest viral video, which he dubbed the pregnant for 24 hours challenge. Having said that, the video itself has a less than stellar reception from the masses.

James Charles is not the first to try the pregnant for 24 hour challenge, though his efforts have been met with mixed reactions. He’s faced criticism from both fans and critics for indulging in a bit of blackmail on DL guys, as well as for being over the top in his attempt to entertain his followers. In fact, a number of women have expressed their distaste for the prank, including a woman who claimed that her friend’s marriage was in jeopardy because of her wacky behavior. However, despite the complaints, some users have actually found the video amusing.

Charles also got into the maternity craze, posting a photo of himself in a fake belly, along with another sexy photo in which he donned a matching face mask. He also showed off a couple of nudey shots with a sexy bump, which he dubbed the biggest boop in the aforementioned viral video. Some have dubbed this stunt as the pregnant for 24 hours of Charles. The video has received over a million views, with the majority weighing in at over three million.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we’ll concede that the bald head prank deserved a little more attention than it received. However, the pregnant for 24 hours challenge is one that is not likely to fade into the background anytime soon. Although it may be a bit of a gimmick, it’s a worthy challenge for all those expecting mothers out there. For the best chance of winning the coveted $100 prize, we recommend signing up for the aforementioned challenge at the earliest opportunity.

While he did not receive a congratulatory phone call, Charles has not retreated from his pranks. He vowed to make a follow-up video, albeit an extended one, which may or may not include a fake pregnancy. A quick Google search for James Charles reveals that he has a total of two dozen videos on his channel. Despite the number, many of them are not that interesting, with most featuring only a couple of mediocre clips.

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