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Who is Victoria Azarenka’s Boyfriend?

Victoria Azarenka is a tennis superstar, winning numerous tournaments to date. Additionally, she is mother to one child and has had some romantic partnerships during her time on court.

Redfoo, lead DJ of LMFAO band, had previously been her significant other; however, due to differences in personal lives they parted ways and went their separate ways.

Early Life and Education

Victoria Azarenka is an accomplished tennis player, but less-well known is her personal life – motherhood and a supportive boyfriend are among her many achievements.

From 2012 to 2014, she was in a relationship with Stefan Kendal Gordy aka Redfoo, an established musician. They were frequently seen together at events such as U.S Open this year and Australian Open last year; Redfoo would frequently cheer his partner when she played tennis on court.

In December 2016, she gave birth to Leo. She and Billy McKeague fought a long and drawn-out legal battle for custody but ultimately, she prevailed and gained control. McKeague is an former hockey player turned golf coach.

Professional Career

Victoria Azarenka has accomplished much success as one of Belarusia’s female tennis players, winning numerous titles including two Grand Slam tournaments and becoming World No.1.

Her son Leo can often be found alongside her on social media platforms such as Instagram. After going through a custody dispute, however, they have agreed to co-parent him together.

She had been involved with American singer Redfoo, but their relationship eventually fell apart. Since then she has been in a long-term commitment with Billy McKeague who is father of her child; they met while vacationing in Hawaii and fell deeply in love instantly; they now reside together in Manhattan Beach, California with a beautiful home they own together.

Achievement and Honors

Victoria Azarenka has won two Olympic gold medals. Additionally, she was previously world number one tennis player and won numerous WTA tournaments throughout her career. Azarenka is also well known as an influential social media personality.

Redfoo, who was part of LMFAO until they parted ways in 2012, was previously her partner; additionally she has had relationships with Sergei Bubka Jr, an iconic Russian pole vaulter.

Azarenka shares custody of Leo with former partner Billy McKeague and the pair had a contentious custody dispute that forced Azarenka to withdraw from some tournaments in 2017 before she eventually won it and is now focused on raising her child as she regularly posts photos on Instagram of them together in California.

Personal Life

After her breakup with Bubka, Azarenka began dating American musician Redfoo of LMFAO. By early 2014, Azarenka was engaged in a legal battle over custody of Leo with Billy McKeague.

They initially met in Hawaii before moving to Manhattan Beach, California, where she bought a house. Over time they gave birth to Leo who often features on Instagram posts from his mother. But eventually the pair parted ways and engaged in an ugly custody dispute for their son.

Humberto Lobo Guerra, Azarenka’s current partner and tennis player from Mexico, holds one win and five losses on the ATP tour and was part of a doubles team that won US Open doubles competition in 2016. Additionally, he competes both individually and doubles circuits.

Net Worth

Victoria Azarenka is a multi-millionaire with millions of dollars earned through prize money during her professional tennis career. She owns several houses in California and drives an expensive Porsche; additionally, she is blessed with one son named Leo. Despite all of these material successs she still hasn’t managed to tie the knot yet!

She has had multiple romantic relationships over the years and, most notably, in late 2012 was linked with American musician Redfoo of LMFAO band; however, their romance ended before going any further.

Billy McKeague, an American former hockey player and golf instructor, and she began dating. They welcomed a son together in December 2016 before parting ways within months resulting in an intense custody battle – but often post pictures with their child on social media to demonstrate her devotion as a mother.

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