Aundrea Dava

Aundrea Dava – A Heartwarming Story

Aundrea Dava is one of the most talented and accomplished athletes on the Granada Hills Hillcrest Christian hoops team. She also serves as an inspirational leader, having carried the team despite missing several games due to a season-ending ACL injury last year. Along with Aundrea, seniors Lauren Alas, Christy Corcoran, Brittany Espinoza and Yasmin Rehman lead the Eagles alongside Aundrea.

Personal Life

At Graceland University, Dava was an outstanding pitcher and fielder. She earned two conference honors as both an All-Conference and All-District athlete, earning herself two All-Conference selections as a result of her impressive numbers as both a pitcher and fielder. As part of Team USA’s softball tour through Belgium and the Netherlands, Dava played for Team USA too! After graduation she married Jason and now resides with him and their two children Bo and Josie in Knoxville, Tenn. This heartwarming tale will surely touch readers everywhere!

Net Worth

At Graceland University, Aundrea dava earned accolades as an athlete in multiple sports. She became the first player in America to break the conference strikeout record and had an impressive 14-3 record as a pitcher.

She was a member of the Danity Kane pop band and she’s renowned for her melismatic vocal runs, falsetto-registered harmonies, and having the highest vocal range among her fellow band members.

Andrea Shaw has amassed a considerable wealth through her professional career as an actress and singer, but she prefers to live a modest lifestyle. Most of her income comes from performing professionally; therefore, estimates place her net worth around 500 thousand dollars. Please be aware that actual earnings may differ significantly from what has been listed above.

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