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Arie Luyendyk Is Expecting A Baby Girl!

The star of the hit show The Bachelorette has been giving fans updates on her baby girls via Instagram. A few months ago, she was admitted to the hospital for mastitis after giving birth to twins. The new mom and her husband recently shared a photo of her and twins Lux and Senna, as well as a picture of her daughter Alessi with her baby brother.

After meeting on The Bachelor in January 2019, Arie and Lauren announced that they were expecting twins. Lauren miscarried earlier this year. Lauren, a model and television personality shared her first glimpse of her twin babies Tuesday. She shared several intimate photos of her holding the newborns as well as their nursery. In addition, she shared an adorable photo of little Alessi playing with dolls in the bassinet.

Arie Luyendyk has not shared much about her baby news, but she did announce her pregnancy on Instagram. She shared her excitement with her fans and is excited for the baby’s arrival. Arie and Lauren spent their honeymoon together, bonding, celebrating Lauren’s pregnancy, and getting ready to start a new chapter of their lives. It’s a good thing that she shared the news via Instagram!

In a recent Instagram post, Arie revealed that Lauren was finally home and recovering after giving birth to the twins. The caption of the photo read “I’d prefer to give birth 10 times rather than deal with mastitis.” She stated, “I’d rather have twins 10 times than suffer the pain and mastitis that came with it.”

Lauren and Arie spent months searching for a new house. The couple bought a house in Arizona, where Lauren has been living since 2008. She showed the cameras the entire house, including the two-car garage on the patio. She claimed that she and Arie “hit it off.”

It’s great to see the happy couple with baby in tow. The couple even created an Instagram account for their newborn. The reality star is sporting a sports bra and showing signs of a bump. They look so cute together! The couple is very excited to have a baby girl, and we’re sure she and Lauren are enjoying every second. So get ready for the new arrival of baby Luyendyk and Lauren!

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