Annabel Leah Van Der Beek

Annabel Leah Van Der Beek and James Van Der Beek

Olivia Van Der Beek was born on September 25, 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her parents named her after an Olive tree. She enjoys singing, dancing, and building elaborate fairy houses. She also plays jiu-jitsu and chess. The actor’s wife, Kimberly, calls her mysterious and strong. She loves Disney cartoons and dresses as Elsa.

Van Der Beek was 13 when she landed her first acting role. At 16, she made her professional debut off-Broadway in a production of Finding the Sun directed by Edward Albee. The show garnered good reviews and landed her a role in the 2003 film Rain Dance. Van Der Beek is already a father of five kids, and she loves sharing pictures of her family and kids on social media.

Despite having several great roles on television and in movies, her role in Dawson’s Creek has proven to be his calling card. In addition to the show’s popularity, he has also won numerous awards and honors. His most famous nomination was the Teen Choice Award. His other awards include the 2 MTV Movie Awards as well as the San Diego Film Festival Award. Below are some of his most loved movies.

James Van Der Beek, his wife Kimberly Brook, are proud parents to five children. Their youngest, Olivia, was born on September 22, 2010, and their daughter, Annabel Leah, was born in November 2013. Both James and Kimberly gave birth to their fifth child, Jeremiah, in June 2018 after a two-year wait. Previously, he revealed that his wife had suffered three miscarriages before the pregnancy with their fifth child.

Van Der Beek met Heather while filming Dawson’s Creek. They began dating within a few weeks of meeting. They were married in 2003 in Malibu. Their relationship lasted just two years before they divorced. In the meantime, she became a wellness blogger. During her time with Van Der Beek, she also had her first child, a son. The couple had their first child together during their first marriage.

James Van Der Beek is estimated to have a net worth of $8 Million. She has a hefty IMDb profile and has five children. She was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her husband, a successful businessman who has eight million dollars, is her father. James, a son of the couple, was born March 8, 1977. They have a long-lasting relationship. He also has a son named James.

Kimberly Brook is a business consultant and producer. She was a producer and consultant for the films Teenage Paparazzo, and Heads Up. Jeremiah was their first child. Despite the two miscarriages, they still enjoy time together, enjoying their privacy and enjoying each other’s company. He and Kimberly have a son together. They have two daughters together.

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