Amit Neuman

Amit Neuman – New to the Summer House Cast for Season Two

Amit Neuman is a new member of the Summer House cast. A close friend of Carl Radke’s, Neuman shared a house with the music superstar during Coachella. Neuman took a break from his corporate job as an insurance agent to travel the world. While in Europe, he visited Morocco and Jordan. Later, he returned to New York to pursue start-ups. Here’s how you can stay in the loop on Neuman.

Amit’s personal life is as interesting as his professional life. His studies include risk management and insurance from Temple University and business administration from the University of Delaware. He was single when he entered the summer season and has never been married. His relationship with Lindsay Hubbard ended abruptly after the two made out. Amit’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of her relaxing by the Israel flag. But despite her good looks, she’s never found the perfect guy to make it to season three.

Amit’s life post-Summer House is better than before. He still travels a lot, with girlfriend Maggy by his side. After a couple of years, he may be back in Montauk. For now, however, his love life is going well. What’s next for Amit? Amit will hopefully find a new love this summer. This season of Summer House is just a start.

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