Amiri – High-End Menswear Founded by American-Iranian Designer Mike Amiri

Amiri is a high-end label founded by American-Iranian designer Mike Amiri. Originally aspiring to be a film and music producer, Amiri is now a contender for American Menswear Designer of the Year. Amiri will be a fashion entrepreneur by 2021. His net worth is approximately $1.5 million. He has multiple revenue streams that he uses for his brand funding. His social media accounts have more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram, and he has 3.18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Mike Amiri was born in Los Angeles and is the founder of Amiri. He spent his childhood surrounded by artists, skaters, and graffiti artists. The label began by designing stage pieces for famous musicians, before expanding to other projects for American fashion houses. In 2014, Amiri’s brand got its own department store in the Maxfield store in Los Angeles. Amiri designs a wide range of clothing and accessories for men and women.

Although Amiri began as a streetwear label in Los Angeles, the label’s popularity soon spread to the rest of the world. In 2015, Amiri introduced women’s ready-to-wear, sneakers, and accessories, which have sold in some of the world’s most exclusive luxury retailers. Amiri’s fashion approach is very experimental. She emphasizes materials and destructive aesthetics. With her passion for sustainability and her love of LA culture, Amiri has branched out into a broader realm.

Amiri jeans have a very slim fit and are a perfect example of Amiri’s meticulous approach to design. They are not mass-produced, but are meticulously dismantled and refashioned manually. Even the smallest detail is carefully applied, so each pair is as unique as the wearer. Amiri also manufactures clothing in a design studio in Los Angeles, where it focuses on atelier tailoring. While Amiri’s clothing may not be as expensive as the labels in Paris, it is still a great option for street wear.

Amiri’s collections have also caught the attention of rappers and pop stars. The label’s SS22 collection is casual yet sophisticated. Amiri will soon launch two additional flagships in New York City and Sin City so that the brand can capitalize on the growing fashion industry demand. These are just some of the reasons the brand is so popular. The brand is definitely one to watch out for! There are many reasons to check Amiri’s SS22 Collection.

The MX1 model is Amiri’s most well-known design. Those jeans are so incredibly detailed that it takes special hands to create them. The MX1 model requires specialized hands to create the jeans, and each one is measured meticulously on a surgical table. Nearly every stitch is done by hand and the leather patch at the back is carefully stitched. The jeans are highly distressed and were inspired by Los Angeles’ culture.

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