Amir Ekbatani

Amir Ekbatani and Kelli Tennant

Amir Ekbatani, an American fitness expert, entrepreneur and actor, is a former actor. He has appeared on many television shows, including “Zac & Mia.” He is also active in the industry of fitness, where he specializes on circuit training and track. His passion for fitness led to him working as a personal trainer at several gyms and as a coach. The couple has not yet announced a wedding date.

Tennant and Ekbatani started dating in 2012, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a type of widespread pain that affects the muscles and soft tissues. Kelli had to stop playing collegiate volleyball but she continued to date Amir Ekbatani (an American former offensive lineman). Ekbatani, who goes by the name Nick, suffered a leg amputation in 2012, and Tennant had to care for him while he was recovering.

Kelli Tennant was engaged to Amir “Nick” Ekbatani from 2012 to 2014. Their relationship ended in 2013, but they remain close friends. Although they were engaged, the relationship was short-lived and ended in 2013. Kelli Tennant has a motivational story to share with fans. Amir Nick Ekbatani’s Arabic name Abd al-Majid means “commanding”. He speaks Farsi and is an inspirational figure.

Ekbatani is grateful to be alive, despite the odds against him. He was an athlete at South High School, Torrance. He could have seen the oncoming traffic, but he failed to see it. Kinfu could have seen oncoming traffic and prevented the injury he sustained. He is grateful to have the opportunity to play football again. He is grateful for the chance to live a happy life.

In July 2012, Amir “Nick” Ekbatani was riding a motorcycle in a California highway when he was hit by a taxi van. The driver of the taxi failed to yield the right-of-way and struck Amir’s left leg. Amir was badly injured when the taxi driver failed to yield the right-of-way and threw him off the motorcycle. The impact caused Amir’s leg to be amputated below his knee. Despite the serious injuries, Garo & Lawrence were able to recover a multimillion-dollar award for Amir.

The collision occurred because Kinfu failed Ekbatani to yield. A left-turn signal at the intersection could have prevented the accident. A red light would have prevented Kinfu from making the turn while the green light would have allowed Ekbatani to continue. Fortunately, the red light is no longer a hazard for motorists. In addition, the jury was shown video footage of motorists driving south on PCH.

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