Amiah Robertson

Amiah Robertson Goes Missing

Amiah Robertson was last seen on March 9th in Indianapolis. The missing child’s mother, Amber Robertson, had been out on a date with her “ex-boyfriend” when she went missing. Amber Robertson claimed that she had left her baby with a babysitter. Robert Lyons returned to the house around 10 p.m., but without the baby. This account was inconsistent and slowed down the initial investigation.

Amber Lyons, the biological mother of the child, has three ex-boyfriends in the past year. Amber refers to Logan Hull, her boyfriend and father of her nearly-two-year old son. Amber told local media that Hull was out of town when the babysitter took the child. Amber ended up going to a Motel 6 party and was not reunited by her babysitter.

On Wednesday, IMPD held a press conference to release new details about the case. Investigators have upgraded the investigation from a missing persons case to a homicide. Lyons told investigators that he knows of several locations where Amiah should be. Investigators have not been able to locate the baby at these locations. Lyons has “taunted Amiah’s mother with the possibility that she may be hiding somewhere.”

Amber Lyons called police on March 16 about Amiah. She claimed Lyons had hit her with his car, and she was taken into custody for battery. This incorrect information was given to the police who declared Amber Lyons in imminent danger. Despite this, the police did find Lyons’ car and Amiah’s body. If you know anything about Amiah, please contact Crime Stoppers. They’ll pay up to $1,000 for any information that leads to her whereabouts.

Police claimed they searched the area in connection with the case and collaborated with the Indiana State Police dive team. The search did not yield any new information. Amiah’s disappearance is a homicide case. It’s unclear why her mother and father were worried for her safety after deciding to break up with her boyfriend. The investigation continues to focus attention on the disappearance and disappearance of her baby. Her family could be held responsible if the child isn’t safe.

IMPD detectives spoke with the mother’s estranged boyfriend. Both men denied any involvement in the disappearance. Amiah’s mother also denied any involvement in the case. Investigators have been following up with dozens of leads since Amiah’s disappearance, despite all this. Some investigators have even dug up the backyard where the babysitter lived. Some investigators have even used drones to search the White River banks near the babysitter’s house. One unrelated woman has also used her dog to sniff the area for clues. As time went on, however, investigators had no new leads to work with.

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