Amaya Oliver

Amaya Oliver, Principal at Kramer Elementary School

Amaya’s counsel requested to introduce evidence proving Gaeta engaged in check washing, counterfeiting and money laundering – which are misdemeanor crimes under California law – as possible misdeeds by Gaeta during her criminal trial. The court denied this request on grounds that permitting such evidence would require too much trial time and jury instructions for adjudication purposes.

Amaya’s attorney also objected to the prosecutor’s use of two peremptory challenges to excuse prospective African-American jurors, but their objection was overruled.

Early Life and Education

Amaya Oliver is an inaugural college graduate, having earned her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Bilingual Education at the University of North Texas and her graduate degree in Educational Leadership at Lamar University. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Dallas Baptist University and boasts an impressive track record in turning around schools and increasing academic achievement. A tireless leader, she can often be found dedicating weekend time towards improving her school for its students. She has served as principal at Kramer Elementary, Stevens Park Elementary and Boude Storey Middle School; additionally serving as principal of John Neely Bryan Elementary in South Oak Cliff (an ACE elementary) and John Ireland Elementary in Pleasant Grove as well. Furthermore, she taught at Kramer and served as bilingual teacher.

Professional Career

Oliver has appeared in multiple Arrowverse crossover episodes and comics, such as those for The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Batwoman and Vixen. She has even made appearances as herself!

Oliver earned honorable mention for All-Pac-12 Freshman as a true freshman last season… He registered three double-digit scoring performances while making at least one basket in each of 20 games played.

Mar Novu enlisted Oliver to work with parallel universe heroes to prevent future threats from manifesting themselves in present reality. Oliver led Earth-38 and its alternate reality counterpart Nazi-ruled Earth-X into battle against villains from across all dimensions; during which Oliver confronted Dark Arrow from another reality before later bonding with future versions of Mia and William as well as John’s future adopted son Connor Hawke.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has earned numerous honors and awards during her career, such as being selected for the 2019 Nike TOC All-Tournament Team and named 2020 Stockton Record Preps Player of the Year. She also holds multiple state championships and tournament wins to her credit in high school basketball; additionally she attends Cal Stars EYBL club basketball sessions as an honor student.

Oliver earned All-MIAA honors as a freshman, and twice this season has been named MIAA Player of the Week. She has scored double-digit points in 14 of 15 games played and grabbed 128 rebounds including 55 offensive boards.

She possesses an extremely high basketball IQ and incredible deception in the paint, helping her score and rebound effectively. She counts her father among the sources of inspiration in her game.

Personal Life

Amaya Oliver is an honor student who counts Kevin Durant among her favorite players. She loves video gaming and drawing, with an interest in scuba diving and has an issue with an aunt preventing her from speaking out about any investigation that arises from an incident within their family unit, according to Oliver.

Gaeta testified that Amaya approached her at approximately 9:00 p.m. on the night of Skinner’s murder and asked to borrow her car, a silver Pontiac Grand Am. She gave him the keys, yet continued attending Skinner’s party.

Gaeta later testified that Amaya told him he had used the car to shoot someone down, with threats made against both himself and his family should this information come out. Amaya was eventually charged with murder, gang enhancement, firearms offenses, and multiple other violations during a bifurcated trial process.

Net Worth

Oliver has reprised his role as Green Arrow on several shows such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and animated series Batwoman and Vixen as well as appearing as this character in various tie-in comics and novels.

Oliver joins Barry Allen and other metahumans from across the Arrowverse in the “Invasion!” crossover to fight Dominators. Later in 2018-19 TV season as part of Elseworlds storyline where both swap identities and powers.

Oliver meets up with Thea and Talia again on Nanda Parbat, where they discover that Novu may actually be leading to the Crisis instead of stopping it. Here Oliver bonds with future versions of his children Mia and William as well as Connor Hawke – John Hawke’s adopted son.

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