Althia From Hoarders


Althia From Hoarders

The first time viewers see Althia’s hoard is when her brother attempts to clear it up. We see how difficult it is to get her out of her hoard as he tries convincing her to part with more. The cameras are focusing on her hoard and highlighting the efforts of dozens to get rid of the junk and trash. As the cameras pan over the hoard, we see rat feces, broken furniture, and garbage being sorted.

Althia has been featured on the eleventh season of the show, and we’ve learned a lot about her. The episodes have focused on different aspects of her life. She has a unique collection of clothes, tools and yard items, including a 53-foot trailer with box trucks and tools. She also has several tractors and vehicles that don’t run and her name is etched in bricks on the top of the house.

Hoarders is a popular A&E television show that focuses on hoarding, and shows the repercussions that hoarders may face. The show follows the lives and work of professional organizers and cleaning crews who help the hoarder and their families. The show also examines how hoarding disorder affects the community. While this series is not a perfect show, it does provide us with insight into how the repercussions of hoarding are felt.

A new season of Hoarders aired in early 2017. The series followed the life of a woman who was a severe germphobe and who lived in utter squalor. She was a relapsed hoarder who was currently in jail. The episode followed the family in Massachusetts that had a hoarding problem. A live intervention took place during the special episode, and her house was transformed.

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