Alina Baraz Net Worth

Alina Baraz is an American Pop Singer-Lyricist-Youtuber and media celebrity best known for her presentation collection It Was Divine as well as EPs such as Urban Flora with Galimatias and The Color of You. She rose to prominence following the launch of on in 2014.

She started her music career in Los Angeles after joining producer Galimatias online and writing lyrics for his beat driven songs. Her melodious verses can be heard on her self titled YouTube channel with nearly 475k subscribers currently following it.

Early Life and Education

Alina Baraz was born September 24th 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio and quickly found herself immersed in musical surroundings influenced by 90s music like Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse. Attracted by such singers like Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse she began singing from an early age before joining gospel choirs during high school and university. Moving to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue vocal career she soon developed her talent for songwriting with Roses Dipped In Gold released April 15, 2013 as part of Lounge Masters Vibes collection series series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series release series by Lounge Masters Vibes series collection series release series release series by Lounge Masters Vibes series release series release series released April 15, 2013 was her debut single writing debut single that year which released April 15, 2013 for Lounge Masters Vibes collection series release series release series!

She first gained attention in 2015 after joining forces with Danish electronic producer Galimatias and releasing Urban Flora, an album which quickly went on to receive rave reviews across media outlets and fans.

Professional Career

Alina Baraz is an accomplished American Instagram personality and singer/songwriter with nearly 475k followers on her account and 336k subscribers to her self-titled YouTube channel. She writes many hit songs which earn her a good salary.

Her music is dreamlike yet irresistibly catchy, drawing listeners in with every tune. She rose to prominence through SoundCloud, eventually garnering the attention of Danish electronic producer Galimatias who collaborated on creating Urban Flora as their debut EP release in 2015.

Her EP was met with overwhelming positive reception and streaming success, earning her slots at several North American music festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle and Sasquatch! Music Festival. Additionally, in April 2020 she released her debut album It Was Divine.

Achievement and Honors

Baraz’s music lies somewhere between contemporary R&B and downtempo electronica. She first gained recognition alongside producer Galimatias in 2015 when they released Urban Flora through Ultra Music – their debut EP featuring darkly sonic sounds was released this way as well.

The album received favorable reviews and streaming success, leading the duo to collaborate further. She’s an introspective singer/songwriter, often sharing emotional lyrics through social media.

After an impressive 2018 that saw her release the second EP, The Color of You, and open Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams tour as the opening act, Baraz looks set to make even bigger waves this year with her debut album release, It Was Divine. Featuring collaborations from 6LACK and Khalid among others.

Personal Life

American singer Alina Baraz is an attractive young girl with a great passion for music. She is best known as an award-winning pop singer/songwriter/YouTuber/Instagrammer/media celebrity; furthermore she holds several musician credentials having received many awards and recognition over time.

She began her musical journey as early as junior school and quickly developed a deep passion for singing, becoming inspired by several singers and musicians such as Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse.

At just twenty-two, she made an impactful entrance into the music industry with her debut album It Was Divine. The record found a place on Billboard 200 charts and earned positive reviews from critics alike. Additionally, Urban Flora with Galimatias in 2015 and The Color of You in 2018 received great praise from fans alike.

Net Worth

Alina Baraz has become well-known for her haunting and catchy music, and has garnered widespread admiration over time. Her silky voice draws people in while each track she creates stirs up emotions within us all.

In 2015, she rose to prominence after joining forces with Danish electronic musician Galimatias on an album titled Urban Flora that included popular tracks such as Pretty Thoughts, Drifting, and Fantasy.

Baraz recently collaborated with Khalid on a single called Electric and later that year released her debut studio album It Was Divine.

Baraz is an esteemed pop singer, lyricist, YouTuber and media celebrity known for her white and purple hues and diverse passions such as singing, travel, photography and moving – with Sweden being her primary destination.

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