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Alice Oliver Morton

Alice is a new mother and fashion designer clinging onto some sense of normalcy in Bock’s book, depicting her struggles to maintain life and dignity amidst tragedy.

Charles Bock’s novel is powerful and emotive; an unusual fiction which does not shy away from depicting the absurdities of serious illness. Based on the real life battle fought by his late wife against leukemia.

Early Life and Education

Alice Oliver Morton was born in Groesbeck, Texas to Fred and Lena Anglin Oliver and attended local schools before developing an early passion for photography. Her early photographs depicted family and friends enjoying an upper middle-class social life of ritualized leisure pursuits.

Charles Bock brings readers quickly into Alice and Oliver’s story with the suddenness of a diagnosis. Drawing upon his wife’s leukemia battle for two and a half years as inspiration, Bock creates an authoritative yet poetic narrative with language ranging from medical terminology to melancholic poetry.

Alice Culvert hurries swiftly down a New York sidewalk carrying her infant daughter on her chest, heading toward Vermont for Thanksgiving with Oliver, an innovative computer programmer.

Professional Career

Alice was one of the first women on Staten Island to own a car and also worked as a landscape designer. Additionally, she excelled at tennis.

Oliver was an exceptional broomstick flyer, serving as Captain and Keeper for Gryffindor Quidditch team and remaining as a reserve for Puddlemere United despite graduating Hogwarts.

He is an impressive competitor on the field, possessing both courage and skill to match any opponent. Furthermore, his competitive spirit shows through in his determination to ensure his players train hard and take their responsibilities seriously; even lecturing them before practice! His dedication to sport seems almost fanatical while his personal life seems limited to humorless smirking and an obsessive focus on boots.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver was an prolific author who produced new works every two years. Her writing often took its inspiration from nature and had an approachable style which allowed readers to connect with her passion for this world around them.

Her works examined how human and natural worlds intertwine, with human consciousness playing a pivotal role in comprehending nature’s workings. Her poems demonstrated this interdependence while challenging readers to consider how the world they saw impacted their own perception of its natural realm.

As Stanford distance coach, Oliver led Stanford’s distance squad to achievements not seen for nearly a decade. His men’s cross country team finished fourth at both of the NCAA championships he led in 2016 and 2014 and helped three individual athletes earn All-American status.

Personal Life

Alice Oliver has received numerous honors as a judge, such as the Lifetime of Excellence in Advocacy Award. Additionally, she serves as mediator and arbitrator; is a member of Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists; and was even selected by her peers to receive their “Super Lawyer” ranking.

Oliver, Mabel and Charles had been interrogated by police and decided to visit Ivan’s Pickle Diner where they collected a list of his regulars in an attempt to track down Tim’s killer. Unfortunately they were followed by someone they recognized as Tie-Dye Guy; Mabel panicked.

Bock’s real work of genius lies in how he weaves cancer into his storyline and used it as the background of our protagonist’s humanity. This novel doesn’t merely find meaning in sickness; rather, it gives sickness its due.

Net Worth

Oliver is well known for her extensive mediation offerings. Her clients include property and casualty insurance companies, reinsurance firms and financial services firms. Oliver is also an active member of the Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists.

She brings extensive expertise across the insurance, asset management and technology industries in the US. As both a manager and senior director she has led teams of professionals at multiple organisations.

She was the daughter of Carmela Clara (Calendo) and Martin Oliver and was raised in both Newark and Belleville before moving to Nutley over 10 years ago. She leaves behind two children, nine grandchildren and several nieces and nephews as survivors. A memorial service will take place Thursday from 6-8 p.m. at S.W. Brown & Son 267 Centre Street Nutley for services for Carmela Oliver at S.W. Brown & Son.

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