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Real Housewives of Orange County Star Alexis Stone and Heather Dubrow

A recent photo of Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Stone has sparked a firestorm of controversy among viewers. The photo features a princess and her entourage, and a knight in shining armor, a la Alexis’ boy James. While the glitzy gowns and bling are certainly impressive, the real story is Alexis herself, who appears more at home in her natural element. She is a drag queen from the UK, and has become a fixture on the show. As you’d expect, her fans aren’t shy about voicing their opinions.

Not only is Alexis a talented actress, but she is also a genuinely nice person, making her an ideal foil for many of her Real Housewives of Orange County counterparts. This is especially true of her rumored fling with Tamra Judge. Although they have not yet publicly confirmed it, it is quite likely that they are dating. One might wonder if their relationship is more platonic than one-on-one.

Despite their plethora of mutual friends and adoring fans, Heather Dubrow and Alexis Bryant aren’t particularly close. It is not uncommon for a member of the cast to squabble with another, especially when they aren’t getting paid to do it. In fact, the two had a falling out a few years back that led to one of the worst episodes of the show. For the most part, this is the best that both sides can hope for. If you are a fan of the show, make sure you catch it at its earliest start time.

There are also numerous rumors abound of Heather Dubrow being tapped to replace former Housewife Tamra Judge on the show, but a recent tweet from Dubrow indicates otherwise. Whether she actually leaves or not remains to be seen. Having said that, it’s worth a look at the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ reunion special, which airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. You won’t want to miss it! Besides, who knows, Heather might even make an appearance on the next season’s show.

To be honest, it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s in Heather’s head. She’s already been involved in a few major rifts, and there’s no guarantee that she’ll make it out of this one unscathed. With the latest crop of newbies, though, it’s hard to bet against the likes of Tamra and Alexis. However, judging by the number of tweets she’s received this week, it appears that the show’s writers are keeping a close tab on their favorite cast members. After all, what could be more empowering than a group of ladies with the same set of values?

The photo op may not have been a happy accident, but it seems to have been a snafu. Regardless, Alexis has been a fan of the show for more than a decade, and she’s a good sport about the whole thing.

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