Alexis Neiers Net Worth

Alexis Neiers Net Worth – How Much Is Alexis Neiers Worth?

Neiers is married to Evan Haines and has two children together. In her free time she hosts a podcast and pursues various entrepreneurial ventures.

After being charged with burglary as part of the Bling Ring, she gained notoriety on E! reality series Pretty Wild shortly before going on trial and being found guilty. Her story was further documented in 2013’s movie The Bling Ring starring Emma Watson.

Early Life and Education

Alexis Neiers is an infamous American television personality and model. She first came into public view when she became involved with the Hollywood “Bling Ring” burglary gang that targeted celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson between 2008 and 2009.

Mikel Neiers and Andrea Arlington, Alexis’s parents, were cinematographer and former Playboy model respectively, so she studied at Indian Hills High School prior to receiving her GED certificate at 16 years old. Prior to acting becoming her full time career choice. Alexis worked as a hip hop and pole dancing instructor before making acting her chosen path.

she made appearances on E! reality show Pretty Wild and played Nicki Moore in 2013 movie The Bling Ring with Emma Watson as its protagonist. Currently she is married to Canadian businessman Evan Haines with whom she shares two children.

Professional Career

Alexis Neiers was convicted in 1991 and became well known due to her participation in the Bling Ring burglary gang. Along with Rachel Lee, Nick Prugo and Courtney Ames she broke into celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom between 2008 and 2009 before they were eventually caught and sent back into custody – their story being featured in Sofia Coppola’s 2013 movie “The Bling Ring”, featuring Emma Watson.

Neiers is a mother to Harper and Dakota. She has also appeared on several reality shows such as E!’s Pretty Wild where she lived with her family. Neiers has amassed an impressive net worth and continues to work as both model and actress.

Achievement and Honors

Alexis Neiers became well-known as a member of the Bling Ring, an elite team of teenagers and 20-somethings responsible for ransacking A-list celebrities’ homes. She appeared on E! reality series Pretty Wild as well as Sofia Coppola’s film adaptation of this notorious Hollywood burglary.

Neiers has had a history of substance abuse, yet has managed to turn her life around and is now an accomplished doula, writer, and mother. Netflix even released a docuseries documenting her journey since leaving prison.

She currently resides in Malibu, California where she provides doula services and holds space for women who require them. She married Evan Haines in 2012 and together they share two daughters. Mikel Neiers is an esteemed cinematographer known for his work on films like Friends and Family Ties.

Personal Life

Neiers has struggled with drug abuse throughout her life, yet has now found sobriety. Additionally, she works as a life coach and advocate for sobriety; sharing her experiences to assist others struggling with addiction.

She began teaching pole dancing as a means of supporting her family financially, while still modeling side jobs on occasion. Harper and Dakota are her two children.

Neiers first rose to fame through her role on E! reality show Pretty Wild with her mother Andrea Arlington-Dunn and sister Gabby Neiers, which documented their daily lives and lifestyles. However, Neiers’ involvement with Bling Ring criminal gang led to arrest and imprisonment which set back her Hollywood ambitions and forced her rebrand herself as Alexis Haines before starting a podcast and writing a book under this moniker.

Net Worth

Alexis Neiers has overcome her challenging past to turn her life around and maintain a positive outlook on life. Her focus lies on mental health as she has an overwhelming desire to help others, including working as a model and having two children of her own.

Beginning her career, she made waves in 2010 when she made her reality show debut in E!’s Pretty Wild series that chronicled her daily lives along with those of her two sisters. The series first aired in March.

Alexis Neiers combines her career and entrepreneurial pursuits, having established multiple successful businesses. Additionally, she advocates for people suffering from addiction issues; having amassed a net worth of $200 thousand while being married to Canadian businessman Evan Haines with two children under their care; remaining sober for 11 years since.

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