Alexis Gabe Found

Where is Alexis Gabe Buried?

When a family member reported her missing in January, they were hopeful that someone would turn up with information on where Alexis Gabe is buried. They quickly learned that she had not been seen since June 1, when Marshall Curtis Jones, her ex-boyfriend, attempted to arrest her. Police shot Jones and failed to catch the murderer. The family of Alexis Gabe is now asking police to help them find their daughter.

Since then, police have made a $60,000 reward on Gabe’s case. The family of Alexis Gabe has been in touch with investigators at least three times a week and has expressed hope that she’s still alive. They were also able to locate her car, which was left near her ex-boyfriend. Oakley PD released surveillance footage of the man who allegedly left Gabe’s car.

The screen found in Alexis Gabe’s cellphone has also been recovered by police. The FBI confirmed that Marshall Jones’ DNA was on the screen, and the family hopes to recover other pieces of the cellphone from the home of Gabe’s killer. The family is organizing a second volunteer search for the family. They will be able to find a new closure for their daughter through this search. It is still not clear what her motive was.

Police have searched a pond near the home where Gabe was last seen on Jan. 26. They found her cell phone case and her car keys inside. The search continues, and the Amador County Search and Rescue has recovered eight million gallons of water from a nearby pond. Investigators believe she is still alive if she isn’t there. This is great news for Gabe’s family. But if the police cannot find her, it could be because her ex-boyfriend did not want to let them know, or she just didn’t want to.

Police have also found DNA near Jones’ house and a handwritten note from Gabe, which was written by his ex-boyfriend. The letter also outlines where the body was to buried. The missing teen was reported to be a student at a university in Oakland, and she lived near her parents’ home in Antioch. Authorities have asked her family and friends not to approach Jones and to be vigilant.

After Jones’ death, a friend of hers came forward to report her death. Although the two had never met, they were agreed on where to bury her body. They agreed that Jones would be buried close to her home. The friend had a network in Washington. Jones refused to speak to investigators, resulting in the case being left unsolved. This is a major problem police have had to face because Jones was not cooperative.

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