Alexis Faith Gosselin

Alexis Faith Gosselin

The oldest of the six Gosselin sextuplets, Alexis Faith Gosselin was born on May 10, 2004. Her older sister Hannah Joy, and her younger brothers Collin Tomas Gosselin (Aaden Jonathan Gosselin) were all born in the same hospital. Alexis was also the second youngest of the six twins. The twins who survived were born in 2006, but they were not named until they were eighteen months old.

The couple split in 2009 and their children now live with different parents. Alexis and Joel live with their parents. Mady, their older sister, has remained in the same house. The Gosselins have a highly private life. Their children are not allowed have siblings in public. Fans wish them a happy holiday season as they live with their father. However, Alexis’ and Joels divorce is causing a lot controversy.

The lifestyle of the Gosselin family has changed significantly since the wedding. Instead of back-to-school pictures, they now go on vacation. They even took their children on their first international vacation. Alexis is a huge fan of the alligator. Alexis is a huge animal lover and has many photos of them. The Gosselins also enjoy spending time with their friends.

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