Alexis Couture

Alexis Couture’s Life After ‘Housewives of Orange County’

The perfect life Alexis lived is gone. She was married with three kids, owned multiple million-dollar homes, traveled the world with Jim, and was a mother to three children. She hosted over-the-top princess parties for her twin daughters and a million-dollar party for her son. However, she has changed since then. Here is what you need to know about her new life.

Alexis Couture is a cult favorite of celebrities. The 33-year old housewife is currently designing her own line, which will debut in January 2011. The launch party will be held in Beverly Hills on December 2, and Bravo will likely capture it. She has been the subject of several ‘Housewives’ seasons, and has worn many of them. She reimagined the female form in a variety of creative ways. Her latest dress, “Parazzi Love It,” is a pair blunt cones that evoke Peggy’s bra from Mad Men.

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