Alexis Baby Shower

Where to Hold an Alexis Baby Shower

You’ve probably been thinking about where to hold an Alexis baby shower. There are a few places to consider: chain restaurants, private banquet halls, or the backyard of a friend’s house. The best part about all these options? These options will give you a wide range of food choices and plenty of space. Chain restaurants are great for large parties. Here are some great ideas to host an Alexis baby shower.

Blueface and Jaidyn appeared at her baby shower. The couple recently had a rift on social media. Jaidyn claimed Blueface had sexually harassed and abused her when she dropped off their son. Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, and Alexis have two other children. Their son recently stated to her that he wants to become a nurse. The couple has been married for three years, and their son recently announced that they are expecting another child.

While Alexis is planning her baby shower, she talks to her friend Twyla about Singles Week. Twyla is asked to help her with some ideas for the event. Klair, a former Girl Posse member walks in to the cafe and recognizes her. Twyla finds her rude and Klair is oblivious. However, they are now friends.

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