Alchemy Stars Fleur

Alchemy Stars Fleur

If you’re looking for a romance, alchemy stars fleur may be the right choice for you. Fleur likes to be the centre of attention and delights in calling someone his own. He felt unappreciated and out-of-place until he joined Rediesel. He thought he would be happy with them but soon realized that he was quite needy. But, he’s not greedy, just a service-y type.

Fleur’s active skill deals a massive 200% damage to one enemy. The target is also marked by the damage. If you use Chain Combinations this round, Fleur can continue to deal damage to that target. The skill level increases the damage. When ready last round, Fleur will deal an additional 35% damage to enemies. This ability has a 30 second cooldown and is best used when you want to gain an advantage over your enemies.

The event begins on 19 August and continues through late September. It’s a timed event, so get in early if you want to take advantage of it. You will receive new heroes, summer costumes, as well as freebies. You’ll also be able to unlock the new exchange store. Alchemy Stars hopes this new event will become your favorite. This event has lots of great content, so make sure you check back often to stay up to date!

If you want to maximize your team’s success, it is important to choose a hero. Before you use a hero in your group, you need to understand her capabilities. To see which characters rank highest within each tier, refer to the Alchemy Stars Tier List. Mono teams are stronger than duo teams, but triple teams are more vulnerable. Ascend 3 is a great way to create a duo-color group. Ascend 3 will allow you to add new units to your team. If you’d like, you can also create a tri-color team but it is less effective than rainbow teams.

Fleur is one the six-star units of Alchemy Stars. It’s the sixth hero in the game. Fleur is a six-star Water Sniper unit. The game’s strategy is extremely strategic and players should be able use her abilities to their advantage during battle. The game is easy to play, but it’s worth checking out before jumping in. So, do not miss out on Alchemy Stars’ new expansion!

Alchemy Stars has a summer event that adds three new Aurorians: Beryl, Bonacie, and Fleur. As you can see, the three new Aurorians have distinct roles. Depending on your class, you have the option to either save the summons or choose the event. In the case of the latter, you’ll get the new Aurorians for free from breakthroughs and event log-in bonuses.

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