Albie Ex Friends

Albie Casino and His Ex Friends

The trouble between Albie and Andi didn’t end there. Last May, Albie was allegedly attacked by some of Andi’s friends. Although Albie’s camp filed charges against the assailants, the actor remained silent about the matter. However, he said that he has no hard feelings toward his assailants, so he doesn’t want to spread any bad energy. Albie has yet to hear from his assailants.

Although the drama between Albie and Kathryn Bernardo did affect his career, Albie has since returned with On The Wings of Love and is currently starring in Ang Probinsyano. Many critics have voiced concerns about Albie’s alleged spat with Kathryn. Some claim that his arrogant behavior led to the spat. Albie responded to criticisms by saying that he cannot dictate the opinions of the public. Albie explained that he was just being himself and wasn’t trying to manipulate the situation.

Albie Casino also responded to a netizen’s question about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann. Albie and Andi dated in 2007 before Albie entered showbiz. Albie claimed that he was pregnant with Andi when the couple split in 2011. The couple also has a daughter together, Adrianna Gabrielle. Although there isn’t any evidence to support this claim, it does indicate that Andi remains in love with Albie. This led to a number of controversies.

Vito Scalia was a friend for many years of Albie Manzo. The two had become friends after Albie offered him $1 million to help him start a deli. Scalia wanted to spend more time with his loved ones and purchase a house. However, Vito did not want to work in the same city as Albie Manzo because he wanted to start a family and buy a house. But his best friend had other plans in mind.

Caroline Manzo’s sister is Dina Manzo. Thomas Manzo’s brother Albert Manzo is married and has a daughter, Caroline Manzo. Dina Manzo, Albie Jr. and Thomas recently spoke out against Albie Jr. and Thomas. They have also been outspoken about Caroline’s son. This recent drama has only added fuel to the flames. There’s no telling what the future holds for Albie. But no matter what happens in the future, his family will never be the same.

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