Air New Zealand Yvr To Akl

Cheap Flights From Vancouver to Auckland

320 passenger seats

Air New Zealand flies Boeing 787 Dreamliners on some of its domestic flights, but the airline’s Airbus A320 aircraft are a more common choice. The Silver Fern, a symbol of New Zealand, is emblazoned on the company’s fleet.

14 weekly flights

Air New Zealand has restored flight services from Auckland to Singapore after a seven-month suspension. The airline now offers 14 weekly flights to Auckland and is likely to expand the service to daily flights in the near future. The airline is also introducing a quarantine-free entry regime for fully-vaccinated Singapore citizens.

787-9 Dreamliner aircraft

As the national airline of New Zealand, Air New Zealand is launching a new nonstop service from New York City to Auckland, New Zealand. This route will operate three times per week on a 787 aircraft.

Duty-free stores at Auckland Airport

Duty-free shopping is a great way to save money while on holiday, and Auckland Airport is no exception. You’ll find everything from spirits, wine and champagne to fragrances and beauty products, confectionery and electronics. From local brands to popular international names, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

YVR to AKL flight time

The flight time from Vancouver to Auckland is about 14h00 minutes. This is a reasonable flight time. There are two airlines that operate nonstop flights between the two cities. The time zone difference between the cities is 8 hours. If you are flying from Vancouver to Auckland, make sure to check the time zone of your destination city before booking your flight.

Availability of flights

You can book flights from Air New Zealand to Auckland through various airlines. The flights depart from both Vancouver and Auckland, and take about 14 hours. Flights from Vancouver to Auckland are operated twice a week. The departure times vary, and you will need to check flight schedules before booking your flight. Flights from Vancouver to Auckland are available in Economy, Business, and Premium economy class. Unfortunately, there are no flights available in First Class.

Cheapest airlines to fly from Vancouver to Auckland

There are several ways to find cheap flights from Vancouver to Auckland. For the best deal, it is best to look for flights that fly non-stop from Vancouver to Auckland International Airport. To do so, you can use a search engine to compare airline prices and choose a direct flight. If that is not possible, consider looking for flights from nearby airports.

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