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Criminal Minds Characters – Agent Todd

Agent Todd is a fictional character who appeared on the popular television show Criminal Minds. She was a counter-terrorism agent who joined the BAU team as a temporary replacement for Jennifer Jareau. While on maternity leave, she is mentored by JJ Todd, a former FBI counter-terrorism agent. Todd had spent seven years in the FBI’s counter-terrorism unit. Her character was first introduced on episode five of Criminal Minds season four, “Catching Out.”

While Jordan Todd is only a temporary character on the hit show, some fans didn’t find her likeable. Reddit thread by u/thezestywalru23 focused on the character’s character growth. The character received a variety of comments from readers, ranging from “annoying” and “arrogant.” The show’s misogynistic portrayal of the character may have contributed to this criticism.

Todd and DiNozzo had a fraught relationship. DiNozzo was known to regularly look through Todd’s belongings, and even go through Kate’s trash. Todd found this unacceptable as he assumed that she was doing it for her own amusement. Todd often teased him for his intrusion into his private life. He eventually sought counseling from Dr. Mallard.

Despite the fact that Caitlin Todd has a romantic relationship with an NCIS colleague, she resigns from her position and joins the NCIS team. She falls in love with her coworker and becomes an ideal candidate for NCIS. Although Caitlin has a strong personality contrast with her partner, her chemistry with Gibbs makes her an outstanding choice for NCIS.

While the show is filled with shocking moments, this one is especially memorable. The second season of the series introduced Caitlin Todd, the character who died in the second season. This shock shocked both the cast and the audience. She was shot in the head and chest by Ari Haswari, a double-crossing Mossad agent. Sasha Alexander, an actress, played her character. The episode was widely regarded as a landmark episode of the show.

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