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Adam John Grandmaison Net Worth

The xylophone is a four-octave wooden percussion instrument. It is frequently found in traditional music of Melanesia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Played by striking two parallel rows of striking bars similar to piano keys. The bars rest on a pad of felt or rubber.

Early Life and Education

Adam hails from Oakfield, Wisconsin and began studying piano at age 15. Later he attended University of Wisconsin-Platteville to earn a bachelor’s degree.

As an adult, he has been teaching and performing piano, guitar, and bass since 2005. Additionally, he maintains a YouTube channel where he hosts video essays about musical history, theory, and pop culture.

Xylophones (known in Africa and Asia as balafons and harmonicons respectively) have long been used around the globe since their invention centuries ago. Over the years their designs have changed from wooden slats to more complex instruments with two rows of tone bars and resonator tubes to help project sound; today’s xylophones often boast two such components to help project their sounds more efficiently; nowadays this instrument can often be found among band or orchestra instruments and is also popularly found among ragtime and jazz performances.

Professional Career

Adam Michael Neely is a New York City-based jazz bassist and composer who also creates “Gig Vlogs”, offering insight into life as a professional musician.

Adams has led an eclectic career, taking up roles across multiple industries from market research and consulting, to teaching.

He excels at quickly adapting to changes and is adept at connecting with people from various backgrounds. A natural leader, his energy can invigorate others.

Adams first became involved with education when he accepted a substitute teaching position in Harlem, New York. This allowed him to build both his resume and personal stability at the same time. Later he would go on to become a management consultant before founding Eduventures where he served as managing vice president in their industry solutions division.

Achievement and Honors

A timeless instrument, the xylophone has long been an indispensable part of orchestras and concert bands alike. Not only can it help develop fine motor skills in children but it’s also great for sensory play!

No matter whether it be Khachutarian Sabre Dance, Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, or traditional ragtime melodies; xylophone adds a playful yet colorful edge to any musical composition.

Adams Academy 3.5 Octatave Xylophones are built to bring quality and accessibility to young percussionists, with Pau Rosa bars for an incredible bright tone, as well as their patent-pending “Integrated Resonator Rail System”, offering not only quality bar suspension and box resonator format but also rigid aluminum beam structures that make Academy among the most durable instruments on the market!

Honduras rosewood and synthetic zelon bars feature either quint or octave tunings, providing a warm yet crisp sound with perfect pitch. This model meets all of today’s stringed instrument demands from concert soloists to beginning percussionists alike.

Personal Life

Adam Neely is not only a successful YouTuber, but an accomplished musician as well. A self-taught guitarist and jazz improviser himself, Adam offers lessons across a range of topics on his channel.

He is an impressive musical maestro whose knowledge ranges from music theory and jazz improvisation to musicology and even beyond.

He is an immensely popular Internet personality, and his unique personal approach helps him connect with his large following on various social media platforms. He frequently shares photos and videos to connect with his followers.

Net Worth

Adam John Grandmaison has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million. His primary source of income comes from professional YouTube channel Addiction; however, he also earns through music performances, business deals, apparel company ONSOMESHIT sales and other entrepreneurial pursuits. Adam John has amassed his fortune through hard work and talent alone.

Adam Young hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. With an extensive following and creative flair that has brought success through songs and albums created, his songs and albums have garnered worldwide acclaim as well as several awards won for him. Adam is also a dedicated father who enjoys spending time with his children.

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