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The Artists in Forest Through the Trees

Forest Through the Trees showcases artists whose artwork explores our relationship to nature through trees. By carving them from tree trunks, planting thousands at once or layering paint splotches carefully onto an image created on a computer screen – these artists explore our relationship to nature and its symbol, the tree.

Simon’s book is packed with engaging tales and facts about each tree he chose, such as an entire chapter dedicated to Monkey Puzzle trees. Additionally, there’s a fascinating tale about Newton, Alan Turing, and an apple tree!

Early Life and Education

Adam attended school in rural Indiana as a child, where he excelled as an exceptional scribe, math student and reader.

Being raised by a mother who was deeply religious helped strengthen family values. She provided her son with an early start in his education by sending him to Midwest Bible School.

After graduating high school in Florida, his most rewarding educational experience came during a trip to New York when he was accepted into Juilliard School and eventually earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from this esteemed institution. To support himself during college years he worked various jobs such as door-to-door Kirby vacuum salesman, basement waterproofing telemarketer, waiter at local eatery and arts in the military program known as AIAF which hosts performances for service members during deployments.

Professional Career

Adam Tree is an insurance broker and partner at Lockton. Specializing in commercial insurance for large enterprises, Adam provides advice and consultation on all manner of risk financing matters.

David leads Lockton Cares philanthropic initiative and represents clients in complex corporate transactions, litigation and cyber breach events.

Lockton has employed him for more than 30 years and his experience spans a broad spectrum. He regularly advises emerging companies from formation through funding as well as on day-to-day corporate governance matters.

When not working, he enjoys traveling, writing, and taking in culture. Additionally, he’s a huge fan of both the New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants!

Achievement and Honors

Adams was an iconic player in the NFL for more than a decade and earned numerous honors during that time, such as two Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl ring.

He earned an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Michigan, an induction into the National Football Hall of Fame and membership into the Golden Gloves, an exclusive club for former professional athletes. Aside from his successful football career, he has also been active within his community with organizations such as Leadership San Francisco, Friends of the Children SF-Bay Area and Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation; thus being honored as an “Honorary Citizen” by San Francisco city authorities.

Personal Life

Adam 22 is a well-known online personality and podcaster residing in the United States, serving as both recording executive and social media influencer, in addition to creating and hosting No Jumper: a pop culture-related podcast.

He has amassed thousands of subscribers on YouTube as an accomplished businessperson who takes great pride in hard work and dedication.

Adams is an ardent conservationist who has dedicated much of his life to safeguarding nature. He has written multiple books and served on the Sierra Club board; additionally, he is widely revered for his photography – which features iconic photos of Yosemite National Park.

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