Adams Percussion

Adams Percussion Instruments

Adams marimbas are manufactured with unparalleled levels of craftsmanship and premium materials to meet the demanding standards set forth by marimba virtuosos today. Boasting Honduran Rosewood construction as well as multiple unique resonator finishes tailored specifically to you, these instruments are built for performance.

Resonators are essential components of marimba sound production. Crafted of aluminum or brass, they hang from either end below the marimba bars.

Early Life and Education

Adams marimbas are handcrafted using only premium craftsmanship and materials to meet and surpass the demands of today’s top marimba virtuosos. Adams Concert series marimbas feature exclusive Honduras Rosewood or Zelon resonators that provide the full fundamental and projecting sustain required for professional applications, while Soloist series marimbas offer graduated width pads with Apex frames that enable quick height adjustments for easy transport – perfect for beginners looking to test out this instrument!

Robert Van Sice is internationally acclaimed marimba virtuoso and one of the foremost contemporary marimba performers, having given recitals and master classes across Europe, North America, Africa, and The Far East. In addition to teaching at leading conservatories throughout Europe – including his current position as Director of Percussion at Yale University.

Professional Career

Adams marimbas have long been considered some of the finest musical instruments available on the market. From their Artist Series instruments to Academy series 3 octave instruments, every Adams marimba is designed and manufactured with player comfort in mind. Adams recently launched their AMPD30 to deliver new levels of quality and accessibility to younger musicians while maintaining an extensive concert series range to meet professional, school, and outdoor ensemble demands.

Achievement and Honors

John Luther Adams won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Music with his orchestral piece Become Ocean. It has since been performed at several concert halls around the world including Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Adams marimbas are designed to deliver unparalleled levels of quality and craftsmanship in the percussion industry, making them some of the finest instruments available today. Crafted with Select Honduras Rosewood and available with numerous unique resonator finishes for personalization, Adams marimbas can fit seamlessly into any musical setting or environment.

Personal Life

Adam is an Australian marimba soloist, composer and content creator residing in Perth. He hosts THE STUDIO on YouTube as his own self-produced show where weekly videos for education and entertainment can be uploaded weekly.

As a percussionist, Adam has performed and conducted masterclasses across Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Additionally he serves as director of Marimbafest Australia which promotes percussive arts throughout Australia.

Adam Tan is a Premier Artist for Marimba One (USA) and Signature Artist of Encore Mallets and Salyers Percussion with their Adam Tan mallet series. He performs on both traditional/classic marimbas including Marimba One Izzy as well as Adams Select Honduras Rosewood concert marimbas for performances around the country.

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