Adams Euphonium

The Adams Euphonium

Euphoniums are versatile brass instruments that are capable of hitting an array of notes that other brass instruments cannot, making them extremely popular among orchestras.

Euphoniums come in various models. You may choose between compensating, marching, double bell or five valve instruments.

Early Life and Education

Euphonium players throughout history have left an immeasurable mark on its development as an instrument, including Arthur Lehman who began playing with the US Army Band in 1944 and eventually collaborated with Boosey and Hawkes to further refine its use as an instrument.

He is widely recognized for the development of the iconic Lehman Special parabolic cup mouthpiece that has become an indispensable feature in contemporary euphonium performance. Additionally, his advice and influence has contributed to transforming traditional American sound into rich contemporary tones.

He has performed at numerous conferences and concerts around the globe as a guest artist, featured in several music publications and is widely known for his expertise as a clinician. Over his career he has received many accolades.

Professional Career

The Adams E3 Euphonium offers 4 compensated valves, a 305 mm bell flare diameter, bracing and bows, as well as a distinctive lead pipe, making it the ideal instrument for ensemble players looking for dark sound with great core stability.

As a soloist for the euphonium, Bowman has performed at numerous venues – such as Carnegie Hall. Additionally, he was honored as a guest artist at Leonard Falcone International Tuba and Euphonium Festival.

On top of his academic success, Mr. Leite has also won several regional and national solo competitions such as the Leonard Falcone International Euphonium Conference, U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” Tuba Euphonium Workshop, and International Tuba Euphonium Association Competition.

He has served in multiple brass bands, touring throughout Europe and North America with them and performing with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. He holds a Bachelor’s of Music Education & Jazz Studies from Eastern Illinois University.

Achievement and Honors

Euphoniums are brass instruments with the greatest range, stretching from E2 to about E4 for intermediate players and B0 to B5 using scientific pitch notation for professional performers.

Playing the pedal produces the lowest notes on a euphonium, while compensating four-valved instruments make this easier than non-compensating instruments.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Mark Jenkins is an esteemed euphonium soloist, having won both the International Leonard Falcone Euphonium Competition and being selected as a finalist in the ITEC Euphonium Solo Competition. Additionally, he has performed for both the U.S Marine Band and Potomac Festival Tuba/Euphonium Competition.

He is an active clinician, teaching applied lessons, low brass techniques and conducting the MTSU Faculty Brass Quintet. With an impressive repertoire including works by South American composers he is committed to the advancement of new music within South American cultures. Additionally he has held fellowships at many of the most renowned institutions globally.

Personal Life

Adam Frey is an esteemed euphonium soloist and ambassador who travels worldwide sharing his talent with orchestras and bands around the world. His repertoire boasts over 140 works composed for him.

Adam has performed with many orchestras and bands worldwide, such as the Boston Pops Orchestra, U.S. Army Orchestra, Harvard Pops Ensembles, Fort Collins Symphony and many others.

His passion for live music can be seen through the many works he has composed. Currently, he serves as Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Georgia and hosts an annual International Euphonium Tuba Festival at Emory University.

Net Worth

Adams’ third percussion instrument to join their line, the euphonium is designed specifically for different tastes: numbers 1-4 are for low brass while number 3 was made to accommodate baritone.

Steven Mead is widely recognized as one of the premier professional euphonium soloists worldwide and performs over 75 concerts annually, touring around with leading ensembles, orchestras and wind bands around the globe.

Steven has become well-known among music professionals around the globe for his captivating euphonium playing and its deeply expressive tone.

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