Adam’s Disposal

Bert Adams and Adam’s Disposal

Bert Adams Disposal provides its services in seven counties of New York using automated garbage and recycling systems.

Services provided include the collection, transfer, recycling and disposal of nonhazardous waste, as well as landfill gas-to-energy operations at municipal solid waste landfills.

Early Life and Education

Charles Francis Adams was raised in Boston, Massachusetts as one of four children by Abigail Brown – Charles’ widow and Abigail’s stepmother – two of which later went into politics themselves.

He received an extensive education both public and private sectors. He gained exposure to contemporary political concepts from both his father, as well as friends and visitors who visited their home.

This education allowed him to understand the significance of power and its role in society, as well as to view life more objectively.

Adams developed his own philosophy on education due to this experience, believing that conflict, competition and accidental teaching should all play a part in education. He advocated against mastery of any schoolmaster but rather said education required conflict, competition and accidental learning.

Professional Career

Adams had an accomplished and short professional football career, playing on six different teams including the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets. He made his NFL debut during 2010 season and ended up collecting 6 interceptions along with 15 tackles.

Adams was often described as being somewhat unpredictable, yet never lost his passion for the game. He still proudly sports a brand new jersey and continues to play at South Carolina State University as backup cornerback. Adams remains close with his four children as well as being active in community events like Team Intestinal Fortitude’s (TIFO) Golf Classic which has raised over $1 Million for cancer research and treatment efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Christina Adams recently received the Department of the Navy (DON) Civilian Service Commendation Medal in recognition of her work as Business Director at Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division. While in office, Adams oversaw many initiatives like an industry day to promote small business growth as well as developing the People’s Integrated Essential Resource website for NSWC IHD.

At her retirement ceremony, Adams was presented a plaque from Governor Andrew Cuomo for her service on the COVID-19 Command Crisis Action Team and Spartan Shield initiative – two-year long effort that ensured every employee on command had adequate protection against COVID-19’s effects – this also involved command-wide reorganization to better ensure everyone’s safety.

Personal Life

Adam’s Disposal provides full service trash and recycling to seven New York counties, using mostly automated waste collection to provide faster and safer garbage pickup services. Adam’s Disposal also offers dumpster rentals to residential and commercial property owners seeking to clear out their homes or offices.

Adams recently faced allegations that his social media post made an offensive and racially insensitive comment against Governor Chris Christie, when it referred to him as “Massa Cooper,” an offensive term which many felt was offensive and racist. After receiving several messages of outrage regarding this term used by Adams against Christie during the government shutdown – many taking exception – Adams issued an apology, explaining he meant it as metaphor rather than racism. Adams is survived by his wife and four children as well as being active mentor for young athletes in addition to being professionally.

Net Worth

Adam Weitsman is an esteemed entrepreneur and owner of a scrap metal processing business in New York. As of March 2023, his net worth is estimated at an estimated $1.2 billion due to his business activities, investments and real estate portfolio – with multiple properties located throughout New York state as well as luxury and vintage cars belonging to Weitsman himself. Weitsman also enjoys collecting early American stoneware pieces that he donates to museums around New York State such as Albany; additionally he donates money and collectibles as part of charitable causes – such as 2019 when Weitsman donated $100K towards renovations of Rescue Mission Clarence L Jordan Food Service and Culinary Education Center renovations.

Adam Weitsman has achieved success through hard work and commitment as an entrepreneur, serving as an example for other aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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