Adam’s CS3

Adam’s CS3

Adam’s CS3 is an innovative product made of an innovative combination of cleaning surfactants, lubricating polymers, chelates, natural emulsifiers and silica film-formers formulated for easy spray-on and wipe-off operation. It provides safe and simple protection from contaminants.

CS3 wax for vehicles offers an effective alternative to conventional waxes, with greater durability and longer curing times (typically 6-12 months on properly prepared surfaces). Plus it is non-toxic so can be applied on virtually all exterior surfaces such as paint, glass, chrome trim, headlight lenses and taillight lenses as well as plastic trim or rubber molding!

Early Life and Education

Henry Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He became an accomplished author, poet, and politician; serving in both Massachusetts state legislature and as Secretary of State under President William McKinley. Additionally, Henry became a member of American Philosophical Society as well as being one of the founders of National Association of Independent Schools before his passing away in 1918.

Adams wrote The Education, a groundbreaking work which examines the rapid social, technological, political, and intellectual changes of the 20th century and asserts that traditional formal education did not provide sufficient knowledge to comprehend these developments. Adams won the Pulitzer Prize for this groundbreaking book which remains relevant today as an influential work.

Personal Life

Adam was the first human ever created and depicted as God by nature. Expelled from Paradise with Eve, Adam later descended to Earth where he gave rise to Humanity. Adam is an example of selflessness as shown through his fight with Zeus; pushing himself beyond his limits in order to defend Humanity from destruction.

Zeus was able to go head-to-head and nearly defeat Kronos due to his indomitable willpower and superior ability to endure pain despite it causing severe damage, thanks to his extremely strong and durable body that allowed him to continue fighting even after being blinded by Zeus’s many blows.

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