Adams Clamp

Adams Clamp

The purpose of this invention is to develop an improved clamp for broken or leaky pipe that obviates the need to remove and replace such pipe. The clamp features relatively straightforward construction while remaining highly durable.

This clamp features internal recesses designed to accommodate pipe ends and means for gripping them firmly, as well as flexible housing members and rotating draw bars that enable it to tighten significantly without creating undesirable or destructive stresses.

Early Life and Education

Adams clamp displayed great intellectual promise as he developed. A brilliant student and one of the top students in his class, Adam often struggled when it came to applying his ideas into practice and felt frustrated and uncertain of himself as an individual. Thus he started keeping a journal where he recorded all his thoughts and emotions.

Adams clamp, soon after graduating college, accepted the job of schoolmaster in Worcester. Although initially enjoyed his work immensely, soon thereafter it failed to challenge him enough and so began searching for new opportunities.

At this time, he also met Adele Holman who would become his future wife and co-founder of the Adjustable Clamp Company.

Professional Career

Adams began working as a professional artist since 2008. His body of work includes constructed still life photography that explores fleeting moments. Adams has the unique ability to turn everyday objects into works of poetry through poetic visual associations, having displayed his artwork at exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

According to his patent, his invention is an improved clamp designed to repair broken or leaky pipes, made up of relatively simple construction and highly effective for its intended purpose of eliminating the necessity of removing and replacing sections of pipe in need of repair. Furthermore, this clamp does not contain springs or levers that may become disarranged or release unexpectedly.

Achievement and Honors

Cathy Clamp has received multiple accolades throughout her career as a USA Today and Nielsen Bookscan bestselling author in fantasy, science fiction, horror, contemporary romance and paranormal genres. Additionally she co-authors books under her pen name Cat Adams with CT Adams; together they have created multiple award winning novels from Luna Lake and Blood Singer series. Clamp hails from Indiana but now lives in Brady Texas with Don, their four dogs and one cat while working full-time as a paralegal; RWA membership and RT Book Reviews Magazine are among her memberships as well.

Personal Life

Adele Holman enjoyed dancing and singing as her primary hobbies; she became known as an outstanding mezzo-soprano throughout her career. Russ found Adele utterly captivating when she arrived, purchasing half of the company shares at once to expand it further and drive business growth forward.

She even encouraged workers to dance on the production floor while they worked, an effective way of building morale and improving productivity. Thanks to her diligence and hard work, Adjustable Clamp quickly expanded internationally as an innovative tool company.

As you use clamps today, please remember Adele Holman. She was an extraordinary individual whose dedication and talent enabled this company to become what it is today. Thank you, Adele; your life remains an inspiration to all.

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