Adams Chocolate

Cadbury Acquires Adams Chocolate Company

Chocolate has been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity and blood glucose transport, as well as possess anti-inflammatory and anticancerous properties. Cocoa polyphenols bind with ADP to stimulate PI3K signaling pathways which ultimately result in higher insulin production rates.

Sucrose-free dark chocolate was enhanced with Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria in encapsulated form for 60 and 180 days of storage without alteration in taste or sensory profile.

Early Life and Education

Adam Berrios traveled to Costa Rica after graduating college to learn the craft of chocolate making from its indigenous people. There, they used fermented cocoa beans as natural sweeteners – an experience which inspired him to open an artisanal chocolate business of his own in Nyack, New York.

Adam uses only premium cacao beans to craft exquisite chocolate that both exhilarates the senses and nourishes the body. Adam’s Chocolate is cold-pressed to preserve all the micronutrients, texture and aroma associated with raw cacao; its sweetness comes from low glycemic index yacon syrup that’s organic and diabetic-friendly.

Mary Max alleged in several affidavits that Adam Max subjected her to verbal and physical abuse. As a result, Mary pursued having Adam removed from active management of ALP.

Professional Career

Timothy Woods and Adam Holland took advantage of Monique’s Chocolate’s decision to relocate when they saw an opportunity to take over its space in Palo Alto. Although Woods initially desired Sausalito as his location for opening his chocolate shop, Palo Alto allowed them to build strong local clientele that supported them well in building strong businesses there.

He strives to craft artisanal dark chocolate that pleases both senses and body. Using cold-pressed heirloom cacao beans that preserve all their micronutrients and natural sweetness, he uses low Glycaemic Index sweetener such as Yacon syrup for his product.

Adam Berrios is an advocate for healthy food and supports federal legislation sponsored by Representative Nita Stefanik to restore chocolate milk in schools. Additionally, he’s proud of revitalizing Nyack as a town that once produced products such as shoes, boats and pocket books.

Achievement and Honors

John was honored with induction into the NCSA Candy Hall of Fame in 2008. This accolade recognized both him and his family’s deep knowledge of the industry as well as their commitment to keeping their company family owned.

Adam and Dustin are well-recognized figures in the craft chocolate movement, famed for their distinctive packaging featuring old world hand drawn imagery on the front with simple content wording on the back – earning them many accolades and building up a loyal fan base.

They are the first local chocolatiers to introduce a chocolate bar sweetened with natural yacon syrup, a low glycemic index sweetener. Only premium ingredients are used and cold pressing ensures all micronutrients and texture remain preserved in each bite of chocolate.

Personal Life

Adam Berrios discovered the healing powers of raw plant-based foods after suffering a back injury, so he set out to create chocolate that both delighted the senses and fed his body nourishingly. To do so, he uses cold-pressed cacao, natural sweetness from Yacon syrup, and other organic ingredients in his products.

He has composed songs to address society’s problems with narcissism. Despite having completed it during COVID lockdowns, he’s proud of his new release and hopes it can help people focus on what really matters in life. Additionally, he is working on cookbook and other projects with hopes to become a best-selling author.

Net Worth

Cadbury valued Adams at $4 billion when they acquired it, an excellent strategic move considering Adams holds 26% market share in chewing gum sales and has strong brands such as Clorets breath mints. The deal represented an excellent strategic fit.

The company uses yacon syrup, which has the lowest glycaemic index among natural sweeteners, to ensure all of the beneficial nutrients present in cacao are preserved.

This local success story also offers other healthy products, including chocolate covered almonds. Vegan chocolate products are currently being developed. Available at all major supermarkets globally.

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