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Adams Automation Launches New Division for Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Adams Automation recently unveiled a new division for automated manufacturing solutions. The division offers electromechanical, safety, and robot control products to its customers.

Family-owned company uses Ignition for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) at its vegetable oil and grain facilities, giving managers access to real-time information.

Early Life and Education

Adams Remco, a family-owned company that started by repairing typewriters, now specializes in cutting-edge office technologies. Adams Remco will showcase various product demonstrations at Orlando’s ATX show Nov. 18-19th booth 848.

Adams improves engineering efficiency and reduces design costs by offering early system-level simulation. Their multibody dynamics solution technology runs nonlinear dynamics problems at a fraction of the time taken by traditional FEA solutions.

The Adams Group is a family-owned organization comprised of Adams Vegetable Oils, Adams Grain and Adams Trucking. To manage its operations effectively and efficiently, Ignition from Inductive Automation has been deployed across its vegetable oil and grain facilities using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and manufacturing execution systems (MES). Ignition’s team have already seen increased efficiencies using Ignition; information access and analysis has become much simpler thanks to Ignition’s user-friendly platform.

Professional Career

Adam has always loved working on puzzles and dismantling things to put them back together again. A physics class inspired his interest in coding, leading him to make a change from brewery service into IT as his career path.

He attended an online full-stack bootcamp to learn to code. Shortly thereafter, he found employment with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions where his professional growth is ongoing.

Adam works closely with a team of engineers and provides support for RPA initiatives at his company. He performs business analyses, creates solution design documents, identifies bugs in existing systems, fixes them with code. Adam’s approachable demeanor ensures his clients feel at ease throughout each challenge; and enjoys the variety and collaboration offered by their jobs.

Achievement and Honors

Adams Automation has earned many honors and awards throughout its existence for their outstanding work, including recognition as a “Best Place to Work” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and multiple industry awards for innovation and leadership. Recently, they opened up a new division which provides additional electromechanical, robotic, extrusion safety solutions as well as error tracking tracking solutions. Their latest products will be on display at ATX Orlando November 18-19th; visit booth 848 to see more of what they offer and learn how we can assist your project!

Personal Life

Adam Procopio has always had an affinity for puzzles. He enjoys disassembling things and reassembling them, which keeps his mind engaged and active. After briefly working in the brewery industry, Adam decided to explore coding. After enrolling in an online full-stack bootcamp and successfully completing it within six months.

Adams software offers multibody dynamics solution technology to optimize design for motion, structures, actuation, and controls. It calculates loads and forces much faster than traditional finite element analysis (FEA) solutions.

Adam currently conducts business analyses of new automation processes. He creates process design documents outlining manual steps which an RPA will carry out as well as cost estimation estimates of process automation projects.

Net Worth

Adams Automation, located in Tampa, Florida is a manufacturer of motion control and factory automation equipment. Their product offering encompasses pneumatic and hydraulic energy systems as well as electromechanical extrusion robotic safety solutions and error tracking solutions. There are 51 employees working at Adams Automation who collectively have an estimated annual revenue of over 1.7 Million Dollars.

Canva was cofounded by Cameron Adams, who reportedly owns an estimated 9 percent stake. Additionally, Cameron maintains an extensive business network and participates in charitable endeavors.

Zippia provides an in-depth view into Adams USA, providing salaries, political affiliations and employee data derived from both self-reported employee reports as well as public/private sources such as company filings/estimates/H1B applications – updated as of October 2023.

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