Adama Fall

Adama Fall – Character Information

Adama believes his fleet is in peril after Cylon pilots attack, comforting Roslin through her Doloxan treatments and convincing him of her resurrection despite his initial mistrust of her.

Once Gaius Baltar is captured, he and Roslin employ various interrogation tactics such as food and sleep deprivation, threats and using an advanced drug from Adama that they know will work (TOS: Galaxy’s Last Stand). Their efforts prove fruitful: Gaius Baltar succumbs quickly.

Early Life and Education

He is an honest person who places great stock in his integrity and character. He refuses to manipulate or lie, while also avoiding those who use such tactics as tactics of control. Due to his natural style and mannerisms of speech, he can effortlessly command a room.

After discovering New Caprica, Adama initially hesitates to settle the planet permanently; however, President Gaius Baltar intervenes and overrides him.

Adama agrees to give Cavil’s Cylon faction access to resurrection technology in exchange for their promise not to attack humanity again; however, when Raiders bombard the tomb and destroy its inscriptions he abandons this plan (TOS: “The Thirteenth Tribe”). Additionally he allows humans to leave their ships in orbit while his crew protects the civilian fleet in orbit.

Professional Career

Adama is a veteran and capable military leader who exhibits little emotion during combat or decision-making processes, making him an outstanding opponent and making highly efficient strategic decisions; yet sometimes puts personal relationships ahead of military duties when making these choices.

He commissions Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla as Lieutenant for the first time ever given to an NCO in a Colonial Fleet to show his trust and appoints her as his Executive Officer – showing that she deserves such an honourable rank. Additionally, he appoints her as his Executive Officer further emphasizing this declaration of faith.

After discovering New Caprica, he initially rejects any proposal of permanent settlement on its surface; but as time passed he softened up towards this idea; eventually softening up enough that President Roslin promoted him to admiral status.

Achievement and Honors

Adama Fall is a 6-foot-4 honors student with a 3.8 GPA from Royal High School who excels at track and field – competing in long jump, triple jump, 4×100-meter relay team competitions as well as running.

He doesn’t mind when people mispronounce his first name – in fact, he welcomes it – since his home country of Senegal uses similar spelling. Adam here in America may just sound weird to some Senegalese.

He and the cast have won numerous awards and nominations over time, particularly Callis’ performance as Baltar, while Sackhoff and McDonnell’s roles as Starbuck and President Roslin respectively seamlessly balance self-doubt with heroic action, while Olmos brings his signature stern yet stoic presence as Adama to strike just the right balance.

Personal Life

Adama is a widower with two sons named Zak and Lee. He and Laura Roslin share an intense bond that often flirts with becoming romantic; though he always denies this possibility.

He holds strong convictions and prizes his relationships, comforting Roslin during her Doloxan treatments despite his doubts of what she believes are prophecies that will guide their fleet back home.

Adama shows his trust in Lt. Agathon by making her captain and Executive Officer of Galactica (TRS: “Crossroads”). Adama reconciles with Sharon Valerii, the shooter whose shot killed Carolanne (TRS: “Precipice”); they reconcile as co-commanders and resume command together (TRS: “Home”). Adama remains loyal to Saul Tigh as an admiral by representing him against Bulldog’s attempts to humiliate the Admiral (TRS: “Home”) while also supporting Kara Thrace after she’s accused of betrayal by him (TRS: “Home”). He stands with both Saul Tigh and Kara Thrace when accused of betrayal (TRS: “Home”).

Net Worth

As a sophomore, he made 29 appearances and started 28. His average game scores included 7.4 places at 55% field goal percentage with an impressive rebound shortening rate of 4.8 per game to earn All-Green Bean Group recognition from the Large East Conference.

Adama Fall is an emerging basketball player with great promise of earning even more throughout his career, yet due to a student visa he cannot invest any earnings or sign any deals for name, image and likeness use. Furthermore, Adama Fall remains extremely private about his personal life – without reference to any details online regarding potential relationships – nor marriage plans; nor information regarding relationships; neither have there been references made regarding any potential partners either online or otherwise; not married and still young with five younger siblings all playing basketball as well as part-time employment washing vehicles at local car washes as part-time job wash operators

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