Adam Zinger

Adam Zinger As a Master of Ceremonies

A “zinger” is a short, humorous line that can be deployed at the right moment to add humor and create laughter in any program. A great way to demonstrate Master of Ceremony ability!

Kinzinger has been outspoken in his criticism of Republicans regarding the U.S. Capitol riot, calling out their extreme views on issues like abortion. Unfortunately, these comments have drawn ire from his family members.

Early Life and Education

Adam represents the foundations of life. With deep Jewish and Christian legend roots, his name carries with it a rich sense of culture which will help your child embrace his roots throughout his lifetime.

BioShock Infinite introduces ADAM, an artificially created genetic serum capable of altering genetic material and unlocking abilities otherwise unavailable to human beings. ADAM can be seen as an overt form of cancer as it slowly destroys native tissue cells before replacing them with unfavorable stem cell versions.

Yi Suchong used Little Sisters in Rapture to extract residual ADAM and EVE from dead bodies, which was refined into Plasmids that could be sold commercially. Unfortunately, however, these Plasmids proved highly addictive with potentially hazardous side effects; many ADAM addicts in Rapture quickly turned into Splicers due to these dangerous side effects.

Professional Career

Adam Christing is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, and author. He has published four humor and personal development books: Comedy Comes Clean 1& 2: A Hilarious Collection of Wholesome Jokes, Quotes & One-liners; Your Life Is a Joke: How to Transition from Ha Ha to AHA! and Bob Dylan Can Change Your Life: 61 Ways to Create an Unforgettable You.

Kinzinger has been racing ATVs professionally since 2006. Since 2006 he has competed in the GNCC championships alongside Bill Balance, Chris Borich and Walker Fowler; yet to claim victory himself.

Kinzinger has long been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and has taken aim at his supporters. Recently, however, an influential political influencer claimed that Kinzinger’s PAC had targeted Democrats in North Carolina and Georgia with help to defeat GOP candidates for office.

Personal Life

Adam’s initial business ideas (baby clothes with built-in knee pads and collapsible high-heeled shoes) never take off; yet he persists and throws more crazy ideas Rebekah who desperately wishes she felt equal with Adam.

Hathaway makes for the ideal protagonist; her two big comedy beats pay off wonderfully (I won’t spoil them here) while she effortlessly adds exuberance that gives each line of dialogue an extra spark of life.

Beach required some prodding before opening up, but once he did so the show became an impressive display of personal experiences, passions, views and moving pieces that leave no question who this man truly is and his place within society.

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