Adam Youines

Adam Youines, 35, Was Shot and Killed Saturday in a Carjacking Pursuit

Adam Youines was a 35-year-old resident of Montebello who was shot and killed by Pasadena police at the end of a vehicle pursuit on Saturday, after being suspected in a carjacking incident.

Youines was pursued by Pasadena, Monrovia and California Highway Patrol officers before eventually stopping at 2:25 a.m. at an Orange Grove Boulevard strip mall near North Lake Avenue parking lot near Orange Grove Boulevard near Orange Grove Boulevard near North Lake Avenue.

Early Life and Education

Younes was born and raised in Morocco by his parents who provided him with an atmosphere that fostered discovery of new things. Determined to succeed, Younes worked tirelessly towards his goals.

At school, he was very involved with extracurricular activities and led many extracurricular groups, serving as president of his high school club and member of the foreign language honor society as well as playing flute in an advanced concert band.

Younes had an impeccable work ethic and was passionate about helping others. He believed philanthropy to be essential and supported many organizations within his community, in addition to giving back to both family and country. Younes is survived by his wife, four children and eleven grandchildren.

Professional Career

Borussia Monchengladbach’s Younes has established himself in the Bundesliga over his four seasons there, notching an impressive 29 goals while helping lead his side to win the 2017 Confederations Cup tournament.

As part of his charitable activities beyond sports, Younes was also a strong proponent of causes and events both in Israel and America. Alongside Soraya Nazarian he founded both the Younes & Soraya Nazarian Family Foundation in America and The Ima Foundation in Israel; additionally Younes made regular television and radio appearances and public presentations, often speaking out at Jack Newton Celebrity Classic events at Cal State Northridge each year. You may have even come across him on occasion around town – perhaps you even saw him there!

Achievement and Honors

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As an accomplished entrepreneur, Younes Zarou has striven to leave an impressionful mark on his world through charitable giving and membership of Imagine for Margo (an initiative dedicated to pediatric cancer research). Younes donates generously to various educational and healthcare charities while serving on its board of directors.

Personal Life

Adam first developed an interest in marine ecosystems through family trips to Corpus Christi and fishing out of Rockport. Over time, this curiosity led him to pursue his Master of Science in Marine Ecology from Stony Brook University.

Adam had a brief professional football career of less than three years before turning his attention to oyster farming as a side business in his free time. Adam prides himself on providing fresh and healthy oysters to customers at competitive prices; in addition, his passion is educating the public on all the complexities involved with shellfish farming in order to maximize resource use. But perhaps Adam’s most remarkable feat lies in being successful within aquaculture without jeopardizing either his integrity or family welfare in any way.

Net Worth

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