Adam Wolfson

Adam Wolfson – A Biography and Net Worth

Adam Wolfson serves as Director of Research Division at the National Endowment for the Humanities as well as senior program officer, having previously held editorship of both The Public Interest and Commentary magazines.

He possesses expertise in sociology and economics, publishing in numerous journals such as American Scholar and Commentary.

Early Life and Education

Adam (Hebrew: ) is the first individual named in the Bible. He was created from dirt but later expelled from Eden for eating from its Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam was named after either the Hebrew word ‘adamah, which means “earth”, or possibly Akkadian adamu, meaning “to make.” Adamus, or son of God was another term commonly used.

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve are credited with creating humanity and lived peacefully until eating from the forbidden tree in Eden’s Garden of Eden.

Adam became an internationally acclaimed historian, publishing several books on economic history. For this work he received several prestigious awards such as the Wolfson Prize and Longman History Today Prize.

Professional Career

Adam Wolfson is an accounting and finance veteran with over three decades of experience. After serving as CPA for various companies, he founded his own firm to offer financial services to businesses.

As a partner with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, he represents both plaintiffs and defendants in high-stakes complex commercial and intellectual property litigation cases, having helped clients recover over $5 billion through trial verdicts or settlement agreements.

Adam enjoys traveling with his wife Marti and taking advantage of Florida’s sun at the beach in his free time. In addition, Adam has developed an interest in real estate; having recently formed Wolfson Development Company which develops single-family homes throughout Florida.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Wolfson has enjoyed a lengthy and accomplished business career, yet his achievements and contributions to humanities research are what have won him praise and admiration. One such success is creating and administering the National Endowment for the Humanities as a federal agency awarding grants for research in this area.

As its name implies, the National Endowment for the Humanities is known for conducting outstanding, high-quality research programs across all humanities disciplines ranging from arts and culture to history, archaeology and literature. Furthermore, its philanthropy has earned it recognition as being at the forefront of innovation by supporting scholars as they work toward improving lives both theirs and audiences’. Most recently, President Biden named them among his list of 100 grant makers nationwide.

Personal Life

Wolfson is an esteemed art-world provocateur renowned for creating works characterized by both formal subversion and thematic provocation. His writing has appeared in publications like The New Yorker, and his art serves as a constant reminder of transgression’s potency.

Wolfson made headlines for one of his most renowned works, ARTISTS RACISTS FRIENDS (virtual reality experience displayed at Sadie Coles HQ gallery in London in January 2019), where he used Google Image search results to animate Shylock from “Hamlet.” It was an unusual and controversial choice of subject matter for contemporary art.

Wolfson is not alone. A recent poor Goodyear article portraying him as a dangerous edgelord who exploits taboo subject matter to shock viewers is highly inaccurate and could even be taken as anti-Semitic in its extreme form.

Net Worth

Adam Wolfson is a British businessman with a net worth of $5 Million and currently serves as CEO of Next plc, an apparel retail company. Additionally, he serves as a Conservative life peer in the House of Lords.

He and Eleanor Shawcross, whom he had known since they first started dating, recently experienced a blossoming of their relationship during this year.

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