Adam Trent

Adam Trent – World Class Magician

Adam’s magic shows combine sleight of hand with comedy for an engaging and humorous show, perfect for companies and private events alike. Adam is renowned professional magician who has performed for numerous companies as well as private functions around the globe.

He has appeared on various television programs, such as NBC’s hit show The Tonight Show. Additionally, he regularly performs at birthday parties, cocktail events and virtual Zoom events.

Early Life and Education

Adam was born and raised in Texas, yet quickly fell in love with magic as a child. Influenced by his father who taught him the “Kit Kat” trick, Adam quickly fell head over heels for this hobby of illusion.

Making illusions is more than a job; it’s a way of changing people’s worlds. A self-declared nerd, he enjoys taking them from reality into his realm of fantasy.

At your event, hire him now to create an unforgettable magical experience that you and your guests will remember fondly for years! He promises it.

Professional Career

Adam brings his special blend of magic and comedy to every audience he performs for, creating an entertaining show for each and every one. A veteran performer for over 20 years, Adam has performed all over the globe.

He has performed at numerous venues and events, such as Broadway. Additionally, he has appeared in countless TV shows, commercials, and talk-shows as a magician. Furthermore, he is a member of The Magic Circle – an exclusive society for magicians.

Hire him as an entertainer at your next cocktail party, birthday, virtual Zoom event or Zoom meeting. He offers strolling close-up magic or parlor shows and can bring along Comedy Hypnosis expert Tyzen to create an unforgettable entertainment experience at any event. His goal is to ensure it will be successful – reach out now to start planning!

Achievement and Honors

Adam has amazed and entertained audiences all around the globe for decades, filling stadiums with thousands of spectators, captivating millions on television (including Penn and Teller Fool Us), fooling heads of state and even world-class magicians – among many other feats of astounding magic he is best known.

Professional entertainer, magician/illusion designer/director, coach and speaker. Guest magician for numerous cruise lines as well as Magician-in-Residence for 14 Club Med locations.

He specializes in entertaining comedy magic suitable for audiences of all ages – young to old! His stage show offers laughter-inducing magic with audience participation or roam throughout your event performing close up magic for small groups of guests.

Personal Life

Adam provides audience entertainment at corporate and wedding events alike with his captivating close up magic performed with precision sleight of hand that is sure to leave guests speechless. His acts range from mind reading, metal bending, levitation and mind reading and are designed to keep guests on their toes throughout. His performances are fast-paced, captivating and sure to astonish.

He has amazed audiences from Sydney Opera House to Las Vegas, appearing on high-rating TV shows (Ready Steady Cook and The Real Hustle) as well as consulting or staring in critically-acclaimed feature films. Additionally, he has brought energy and entertainment to festivals, cabarets and charity events while delighting crowds on 16 international cruises.

He has delighted the Myer family and Jeff Fenech alike, while BMW, Google, the Big Four banks and the National Rugby League (NRL) are among his clients. A member of Magic Circle he has performed magic all around the globe.

Net Worth

Adam Trent is an up and coming entertainer who has garnered much acclaim with his stunning stunts combined with dancing and singing. While he is yet to tie the knot with any woman, YouTube star Erin Evans currently serves as his partner.

He can engage and amaze audiences from all around the world through his virtual Zoom shows for corporate events, birthdays, cocktail parties and more. He combines precise sleight of hand mentalism and illusions with approachable yet classy comedy that everyone will love.

He made numerous television show appearances, such as appearing as a guest star in Disney Channel series Shake It Up and participating as a challenger on reality competition show Wizard Wars. Through hard work and dedication he has established himself as one of the premier magicians in his profession.

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