Adam Marl

Adam Marl Is the Youngest Asian Member Ever to Serve on the Oregon City Commission

Adam Marl recently made history when he became the youngest Asian member ever appointed to Oregon City Commission by commissioners on April 29. This appointment filled a vacancy created when Rachel Lyles Smith took over as mayor and will last until 2022.

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Early Life and Education

Marl, born and bred in Oregon City, has long been a key member of his community. A graduate from Willamette University with degrees in politics and communications, Marl was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on Oregon City Commission; he’s looking forward to serving Oregon City over time.

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Professional Career

Marl has made his mark in Oregon City as both a commissioner and campaign manager, becoming the youngest person ever appointed to serve on its city commission – filling an open seat previously held by former mayor Dan Holladay – as soon as he entered college.

Marl served as campaign manager for a committee to recall Holladay from public office, and when Lyles Smith became mayor she appointed Marl as his successor.

He is driven to serve the Oregon City community and be an advocate for others, feeling that he can provide strong representation. Additionally, he hopes that more candidates join his commission over time – boasting a bachelor’s degree in politics and communications from Willamette University.

Achievement and Honors

Marl, an award-winning record producer, earned recognition by producing music for some of hip-hop’s biggest names like RZA, DJ Premier, Madlib and Pete Rock. His efforts were recognized by Rolling Stone, Billboard and New York Times among many others.

Marl made headlines again when he won the honor of becoming Oregon City’s youngest and first Asian member of its three-member commission, taking office last week on Rachel Lyles Smith’s former seat when she became mayor. According to interviews conducted recently with Marl, several residents encouraged him to run, making this decision the best decision ever in his life.

Personal Life

Adam Martin was an early college graduate from Oklahoma who worked two jobs to pay for his education. While facing challenges during his freshman year at Oklahoma State University, Adam’s perseverance and hard work enabled him to realize his goal of graduating with a degree.

Adam may have felt overwhelmed, but through hard work and determination he managed to complete his degree at Oregon State. Today, Adam credits this success and perseverance as key components of his success both professionally and personally.

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Net Worth

Marlon Williams, widely known by his alias DJ Marley Marl, is an American record producer with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Often found as part of hip hop collective the Juice Crew, DJ Marley Marl has also released several studio albums under this moniker.

He has had an impactful influence on several hip hop artists, such as RZA and Madlib, as well as appearing in numerous films.

Sources indicate he is extremely wealthy with an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million, in addition to being an accomplished detective, author and radio host.

He first served in the US army before transitioning into police work, where he has accomplished extraordinary work solving some challenging cases – his involvement with OJ Simpson’s murder case brought worldwide recognition and fame for him.

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