Adam Kalamchi

Adam Kalamchi

Adam Kalamchi serves as Founder & CEO of Staircase, providing modern mortgage infrastructure that utilizes developer-friendly APIs.

Brilliant Bicycle makes beautifully designed bikes affordable by eliminating distributors, middlemen and retail space costs. Their website asks three simple questions in plain English in order to determine which bike would best meet the user’s needs.

Professional Career

Adam Kalamchi has enjoyed great success as both an entrepreneur and business officer in his career. Equipped with a degree in Business Administration, Adam uses this knowledge when making decisions for the companies he works at – founding and leading Staircase while working on Surfwax development teams; helping companies streamline their supply chains, fulfillment services and operations consulting needs.

Personal Life

Kalamchi has also dedicated himself to charitable work through College Corps, an initiative which assists poor students from developing countries complete their education. College Corps was inspired by Kalamchi’s personal experiences; both of his parents were born in Baghdad and he traveled extensively before settling down with his wife and two children in Philadelphia, PA. Furthermore, Staircase is his company of expertise which offers modern mortgage infrastructure through developer friendly APIs for modern mortgage infrastructure development.

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