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Adam John Grandmaison – YouTuber

West Adams Terrace Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) boasts some of Los Angeles’s finest Craftsman-style houses and boasts an enduring social and cultural history.

This area was a place for African Americans to make homes and challenge restrictive covenants that prevented them from living in certain neighborhoods, thus becoming a central component of the Civil Rights Movement.

Early Life and Education

Early education is an integral component of child development and impacts positively upon later success in life. Studies have revealed that experiences during a child’s first five years – whether at home, childcare facilities or preschool settings – will influence future learning, health and well-being outcomes.

Early childhood educators provide children with an excellent start in education by creating stimulating activities and curriculums which promote exploration, curiosity, independence and love of learning. Furthermore, they foster friendships among the children in their care as well as collaboration among them.

Achievement and Honors

Adams Blvd is home to some of Los Angeles’s most stunning historic homes and was one of the city’s wealthiest areas during its golden era.

Today, this area remains popular among young families and professionals alike due to its wide streets and magnificent homes that draw young people in from all walks of life. Additionally, its vibrant arts scene and diverse culture attract many residents.

Eighth graders Ava Andos, Anika Berger, Meredith Cowan, Molly Fitzpatrick and Kierstyn Raines received Principal’s Awards for their academic performance during the first quarter of school. All four marking periods for grades seven and eight received either high or highest honors awards from Principal.

Personal Life

Adam John Grandmaison was born November 24th 1983 in Nashua New Hampshire to curator mother and social worker father.

He attended Nashua High School South before enrolling in a junior college in Massachusetts; unfortunately, due to poor academic performance he had to leave after just one year and make other arrangements.

He is an American podcaster, blogger, online personality and record executive best known for his No Jumper podcast series about pop and hip-hop culture. Additionally, he hosts a popular YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos related to technology and entertainment.

Net Worth

Adam Lz is one of the most prolific and profitable YouTubers, earning considerable profits through his professional channel as well as creating his own clothing venture.

As of early 2020, Adams LZ net worth has been estimated to exceed $3.2 Million due to his immense popularity through social media channels. He holds a variety of assets including his home in Central Florida and an estimated car collection worth more than $450K.

On social media, he enjoys a strong following that helps increase his net worth. Unfortunately, however, his divorce from Nicole Frye in 2018 was an unexpected setback, but he quickly rebounded and is currently dating Lena Nersesian.

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